Monday, September 21

The Etsy 'Notables' List

My list of Etsy favourites is fast growing and I'd love to feature them all on the side bar over there, but I think that may become the length of a giraffe's neck as time rolls on!

So, I'm going to build my list of Etsy favourites (or 'notables'), and keep them all here!


In no particular order, but ALL full of talent...

Cushions and Fabric:

Art and Photography:
Ornaments, Jewellery, and Other Treasures:
  • Joo Joo Land - The most delightful clay creatures. Gorgeous!
  • Missy and Me - Needle felted originals.
  • ColAreto - Hand knitted felt bowls, purses, cozies, and more.
  • Posh Dots - Custom and hand painted wooden letters. Meticulous and gorgeous.
  • Paloma's Nest - Handcrafted modern heirlooms. Home of the original 'ring bearer bowl'.
  • Truluxe - Needle felted wool acorns and other treasures. I have some of Truluxe's acorns on my kitchen window ledge and I love them! You can see a picture of them in my post 'I've Gotta Thing For Trees, Leaves And Acorns'.
  • Kreative Link - Leather and other journals, accessories and artwork.
  • Apple and Eve - Embroidered cotton and linen toys. So beautiful and such fine stitching!
  • SJ Engraving - Custom engraved natural rocks, pebbles, and stones. Personalised and amazingly beautiful.
Furniture, Clocks, Mirrors, and more...
  • Uncommon - Furniture and room accents with modern clean lines, an old-fashioned sensibility, and fresh colors. Great clocks for the modern space!
  • Holzfurhaus - Beautifully handmade wooden bowls and sculptures. Unique, one of a kind, hand turned items.
More coming soon.........



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  1. Since discovering Etsy I have been amazed and delighted at the range of talent and uniqueness of many of the items available. I'll really enjoy checking out your list!

  2. Hi Struggler! It is a great place isn't it! Thanks for dropping by again. :)

    Linda. x


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