Sunday, August 23

The Instant Magic of Cushions

Picture by Angus Fergusson from Canadian House and Home.

I almost titled this post 'I've Gotta Thing For - Cushions'.


Because I do have a seemingly overwhelming fascination with these little pieces of designer magic! If I walk into someone else's home or a store and see one I like, one of two things happens... I either stop dead in my tracks for a split second and gasp, or I find myself speeding up considerably to get to the cushion and pick it up.

If it were possible to have galleries dedicated to cushions I'd be lost in there for half a day oohing, aahing, and touching all the feathery, fluffy, furry, velvety ones.

I love to add cushions with soft textures or a luxurious feel to my bedroom. You can get them in faux fur, velvet, feathers, and with huge fluffy bits whimsically sprouting from them amongst other things!

It's very comforting and cocooning to run your fingers through something soft and furry - almost like patting the family cat.

Sequins, ribbons, stripes, checks, gorgeous florals, paisleys, the list goes on..... and on.

Funky, retro, country, french provincial, art deco, there's a cushion for every style.

Whilst wallowing in the cushions available on Etsy today I was struck by two eye-catching shops. Here's a cushion from the first one,'Nestables'. Gotta love the colour and contrasting pattern. If only I could reach through the computer screen and grab it I know just where I'd put it! I have two new armchairs arriving tomorrow at 3 o'clock, and I spent about 5 hours last week looking for the perfect cushion to go on those chairs! That's it!! Sigh!

The materials are home decor weight cotton fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room collection. Take a look at Nestables store for more striking patterns. Here's another Nestables beauty. Nouveau Bouquet from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room collection. Beautiful ivory background with rose and red.

I also seriously adore cushions from Nena Von's Shop. She has some super stylish and modern patterns like the one below - just like the ones at the back in the very top picture only in the reverse. Modern, clean, and stunning. See it here too. The beautiful rich chocolate and creme imperial trellis print is Designer Kelly Wearstler's classic.

Ask yourself: 'Do I have a room in need of a little instant yet cheap decoration magic?'

Which leads to: Have you tried injecting some colour, texture, or pattern with some new cushions?

Because: The range of designs with incredible prints, patterns, colours, textures, materials, and sparkly bits is mind boggling now-a-days! There's bound to be a cushion to perk you up!



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