Friday, September 4

In Celebration Of - Feathers!

Soft, silky, fluffy, floaty, petite, dignified, slender, spotty, refined, downy.... I love feathers! Such a glorious decorative item to include in all sorts of ways. I haven't quite 'gotta thing' about them like I do for some things, but... hmmmm... not far off it!

Feathers can add such a whimsical and delightful touch to decorative items, or, can BE the decorative item in themselves.

I have a lovely little orange ceramic vase on my living room bookshelf with a few sleek, fluffy, or wispy feathers! Great substitute for flowers - never dried up and old looking!

And, I also have (yep, I do..), a pale pink feather boa draped over the door of my spare room, which is decorated in pinks, white, some cherry red plus a dash of apple green. (Definite 'girly' room there!)

I occasionally run my fingers through the boa as I'm passing - touch is a wonderful thing isn't it!

So, here's to feathers large and small, fluffy and sophisticated. In the flesh they're texture and style, and as a motif, print, or painting they still carry that mischevious, or perhaps regal (depending on the feather) touch.

I guess you could call this a Feather Fanfare!

Take a look....

Beautiful Peacock Fine Art Print - Melanie Mathieu (Etsy)

Peacock Wine Glasses - Mary Wibis (Etsy)

Wooden Vase with Feathers - Ok Woodturners

3 Feathers Large Sandblasted Tile from Italy - Catnip Studio (Etsy)

Feathered Cushion - Jill Main

Peacock Screen - xJavierx via

Feathered Plates - Mary Wibis (Etsy)

Feather Wallpaper from Ferm Living via Design Sponge

In larger view!

Simple Pen and Ink - Photo GeorgieTheK's

Tall feathers in vase from Houzz

In case you're in the market for an antique vase, this rare Stueben red peacock feather vase featuring red aurene pulled feather design below a creamy yellow feather body comes with a price tag of around $30,000. Photo from Antique Trader.

And to top it all off, a feather weathervane! Photo tviii

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Let's celebrate!



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  1. Those peacock wine glasses are divine!!!! Thanks for the visit. :)

  2. That Stueben red peacock feather vase is breathtaking. Wow, thanks for showing us.

  3. You've got me hooked on feathers now too!! So many pretty feathers and items with feathers.... I think the peacock feather wine glasses are my favourite.

    I discovered a great use for feather boas last Christmas -- drape a couple of white ones across your mantel with a string of little white lights. The glowing softness is beautiful :-)

    Thanks so much for checking out my yellow vs purple post - it's always fun to "meet" new bloggers at Julia's blog party :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Oh, that is a stunning idea for the mantel at Christmas time! Beautiful! Thanks Kelly :) And thanks Amanda and Terry for visiting too! xx

  5. What a fun post! Love all the photos you rounded up for it. Those peacock feather wine glasses are really cool. Haven't seen anything like that before.

    Glad you could join my party today! Hope your weekend is wonderful, Linda. :-)

  6. Thanks for visiting Julia - and thanks so much for the Blog Party! :) Have a great weekend too!


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