Thursday, September 3

Don't Be Scared Of Pattern - Tips To Overcome Pattern Stage Fright - Part Three

We've arrived at the third part of our 'Pattern Tips' series. Part One and Part Two are also good reading for those of us who're a bit shy when it comes to brandishing the 'Pattern Wand'.

You'll notice lots of patterns in todays photo (thanks to Canadian House and Home) - stripes both large and small, the classic trellis design, floral/botanical prints, and criss-crossing lines! A perfect fit for today's tips...

Tip 1: Layer two or more patterns to give a sense of depth. In the top photo we have 2 types of stripes (slotting in beautifully with the tips for stripes mentioned in Part One of this series), 2 types of more geometric patterns, and 2 types of floral/botanical patterns (you can just see one on the cushion of the purple chair).

Sticking to a limited colour palette amongst the cushions, and a similar colour palette for the walls and furniture with stripes serves to let the patterns themselves become the focal point, without overpowering the room with both colour and pattern.

The colours themselves are soft and muted, letting the patterns 'do the talking'.

Tip Two: Don’t forget to mix in plain or naturally coloured fabrics/items to offset bold patterns. You can see how the gorgeous lilac chair and lampshade, the other pale furniture, the one solid colour cushion, and the uncomplicated prints on the wall illustrate this point perfectly.

Tip Three: You can mix checks or stripes with almost anything! Yay!


Ask yourself: 'Would I like to try some pattern tricks in any of my rooms?'

Which leads to: 'Which room would I be most confident beginning with? Or, which room do I think is most suited to some pattern passion?'

Because: Starting small and picking one space or one room is a good way to dip your toe into the pattern pool! Perhaps a more private space not generally seen by visitors would be a good place to begin experimenting and having fun with pattern in your home.



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