Sunday, August 23

Don't Be Scared Of Pattern! Tips To Overcome Pattern Stage Fright - Part Two

This is the second installment of tips for those a little intimidated at the thought of using pattern. You can find the first one (about stripes - great pics) here.

Today we have gentle colours in both pictures. Beautiful, soft muted tones just right for creating a soothing, peaceful atmoshere.

Tip 1: Choose large repeats for formal rooms to make a bold statement and keep the look clean and unfussy. The room in this photo has a very large pattern on the wall, adding a touch of formalilty and boldness. Note the contrast between the checks on the chair and the wallpaper pattern!(Thanks to xJavierx via Thibaut Design for the photo.)

Tip 2: Choose fabrics with at least one common colour to create a harmonious overall look.

Tip 3: Balance and break-up patterns with areas of plain colour.

The pics above and below beautifully reflect the trick of choosing harmonious colours - their neutral palettes blend seamlessly. I love the way the trim on the curtains in the top picture adds that extra special touch. Both also demonstrate areas of plain colour on curtains, doors, walls, and/or furniture. The large mirror in pic 1 also breaks up the space well.

I also love the how the blooming roses in glass vases pick up the pattern in pic 2!!(Thanks to xJavierx via Designers Guild for the photo.)

Ask yourself: 'Is there a room where I'd like to inject some more pattern?

Which leads to: 'Is there a colour in the room I can use as the base for my pattern choices? Is my room formal or more informal? Which parts of the interior are going to 'break up' the pattern?'

Because: Once you put a little thought into it, pattern 'stage fright' will loosen its hold!



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