Thursday, September 3

Ceramic Quote Tags by Paper Boat Press

I adore quotes. Whether in a book, on a print or painting, displayed on a card, or handpainted directly onto the wall, they're an important part of the way I create my home - for me.

I've got a whole section devoted to them on this blog I love them so much, and when I came across these beautifully handmade ceramic quote tags... they 'had me at hello!'

An immediate 'I want one' was exclaimed.

'Friendship is a sheltering tree' Quote Tag - Paper Boat Press

Imagine receiving a beautifully wrapped gift (in my mind it's wrapped in earthy brown tissue paper) with one of these gorgeous tags attached.

Once untied that tag would then be admired hanging from a door knob, the handle of a cupboard, from a curtain rod finial, on a bookshelf, around the neck of a vase, or somewhere it could most definitely be seen, enjoyed, and read.

And I'd love some of these 'quote pencils' too. They'd look divine lying on notepaper or poking out of my desk organizer.

You can find more of these handmade beauties at

Ask yourself:'What 'little things' have I got that I'd love to display where I could see them?'

Which leads to:'What novel ideas can I come up with for places to show them off and enjoy them?'

Because: A lot of the time it's the little things that count! Good things do come in (or in this case attached to) small packages.



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