Friday, August 21

Don't Be Scared Of Pattern! Tips To Overcome Pattern Stage Fright - Part One

Many people find the thought of using pattern in a bold way a little (or a lot) scary! And, it's true, sometimes venturing into unknown territory feels daunting.

But, if you love stripes,and want to try them out in a small (or big) way, then here's 2 tips on how to use them. After all, design from the heart is NOT design for the fainthearted! It takes a dash of courage to follow your desires sometimes!

Tip 1: Don't use very bold stripes in small rooms. They will overwhelm everything! Also, don't use very narrow stripes in large rooms as they will lose definition.

Tip 2: When using checks and stripes you can play with scale. This is great fun! A wide stripe on a wall can be contrasted with a smaller stripe on a piece of furniture for instance.

In the picture below (a stripe lovers paradise) you'll notice the room is large and airy, and the large stripes are on the biggest expanse of space, whilst smaller stripes are repeated on the more confined area of the furniture and that very impressive light shade. This is definitely a room NOT for the fainthearted when it comes to design! (And as a side note, imagine the room without the yellow sideboard in it - that dash of plain, bold colour really sets of the stripes).

Ask yourself: 'Is there a type of pattern I really love - floral, stipes, checks, patterns related to a particular place or country, patterns containing a favourite motif or symbol?'

Which leads to: 'Have I used these patterns on any walls, furniture, cushions, throws, curtains, objects, pictures, or anywhere else in my home?'

Because: If you love it, then even a small piece of your favourite pattern will bring delight. If going big and bold scares you, consider the gorgeous picture below. Any stripe or check lover will still get a kick out of these more delicate examples on the chairs and lamp shades!

Thanks to House to Home for the glorious pics.



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