Monday, March 7

Monday Music - Funky Town Done Our Way...

This is where it all began (personally one of my fave articles ever!!).

Music is SO important to the happiness of my home. :)

Now most Monday mornings when the working week looms I'll try to post a fave song or some music I'm listening to at the moment to provide some musical motivation.

So my little groovers......... here's today's installment!


I'm on a roll with the 80s music after last week.... (sorry Bobbi, more synths coming your way!)

It really is my favourite decade of music without a doubt. Paddocks ahead of the rest from my point of view (I have a very b-r-o-a-d taste in music though, all sorts and all types, not just the 80s).

OK, here we have the remake of Funky Town (the original was by Lipps Inc), and this cover is by Aussie band Psuedo Echo.

I seriously LOVED Psuedo Echo in the 80s. Many's the time I recall dancing like a nutter to this song at the disco with my jeans, white t-shirt, and yes... white boots on. (They even had tassles running the length of them - aaahh the 80s - cringe).

I also owned a couple of Psuedo Echo albums (really), and I used to play them flat out at any given opportunity.

So, let's go to Funky Town......

And, as always when thinking of our 'Musical Must Haves' section...

Ask yourself: 'Do I L.O.V.E music?'

Which leads to: 'Have I got enough of it in my home and in my life?'

Because: Good interior design caters to ALL our senses, not just our eyes.... that's why I call it 'Atmospheric Design' instead!

Linda. xox

The Original Musical Must Have:



  1. Such a great song ... from a seriously classic band.
    I haven't listened to it in a while, so thanks for sharing!! :D

  2. Hi Linda, wow it's been a while since I've heard that song in either versions...I love it though, sure brings back the good ol' dancing kind of music and memories.

    Here's the blog post of my winnings...I hope you like it.

    Thanks again for the wonderful offerings. I have the affirmation and rocks sitting on my computer desk and get inspired every day.

    Bright blessings,

  3. I never heard this version, maybe because it is full of syhths and my ears refused to listen? :)) Frederick is looking at me from your sidebar like he agrees with me.

    When I hear the original version I think immediately about Shrek. And laugh.

    have a great week Linda!!
    xox bobbi


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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