Tuesday, March 1

What To Do? What To Do? Can You Help Me?

So, I'm thinking of running some small courses in real life! Just a group of 6 to 10 women (or like minded fellas!), who're interested in creating a home that makes their heart sing!

But, I'm not sure what to focus on.

I figure the sessions would run for around 2 hours, cost about $25 to $30 for that time, and be held at a lovely little cupcake shop I know of that has a big hearty wooden table we could all fit around with bench seating.

I could use the shop to myself for my sessions - it's only little, and the big table is the main feature. We'd have lovely coffee and cupcakes whilst having fun with what we were doing.

So....... I'd love to hear your opinions as to what you think I should focus on!

  • Decluttering and how to go about it?
  • How to use colour in the home?
  • How to find the 'heartbeat' of your home, breathe life into it, and create rooms with soul? (I have all sorts of quizzes, questions, examples, and unusual ideas to go with this one..... however squeezing it into 2 or 3 hours could be a 'mission impossible' - that's what my 8 week e-course will be about if I ever get it finished).
  • How to use your 'Secret Room' wishes to materialise a true home with heart?
  • Creating a 'mood board' and walking through some classic design books (like the Domino Book of Decorating and some of Jonathon Adler's amazing volumes)?
What do you think?

And what about the price? Too much? Too little?

I'd love it, love it, love it, (and be super seriously grateful) if you told me what you think.

Linda. xox



  1. I love allllll of these ideas! I wish I was closer to you so that I could attend :)

  2. I love the topics and I think the price is perfect.

  3. Such a great idea! My sister is a hoarder but loves design. I think it a lot of people would really connect with it.

  4. Wonderful idea Linda - you most assuredly have the know-how to run just such a course.
    Love the idea that it is so informal, and short - makes it not such a huge chunk out of a day.
    The topics are great - I'm not much on decorating and these themes really appeal to me - they go beyond trying to replicate a sterile magazine page :)

  5. I agree with everybody else Linda - the topics are spot on and the price is very fair!

    I think you could even offer a small mini-course so you can test out your e-course idea in real life :)

    Good luck!! Jenn

  6. That's a really lovely idea Linda ... and it sounds like you've found the perfect location for a fun and educational experience for those lucky enough to be involved.

    I think the price is really reasonable, and while I think all your topics are great, I'm finding myself particularly drawn to the third dot point in your list. Perhaps you could make it an introduction rather than a super comprehensive session? :)

    Best of luck with your planning.

  7. I would spend 30$ dollars for your lessons in a cupcake shop for sure. I think the topics are right (especially decluttering!) and very interesting for people who's new to design and decor. And it's good that it's just two hours since most people have very little time. I think you should go with it the way it is, don't change a bit.
    Too bad I'm on the other side of the world, I'd love to come!
    I can't wait for updates and more details.

  8. It sounds great Linda! I would definately come and I think the cost sounds fine, especially for something well structured and run with great info. Defiantely somethign that would appeal to me!

  9. What about combining de-cluttering and decorating with what you have into one topic.
    For Instance, instead of having books here there and everywhere....you could suggest several ways to use books in decorating. Same thing with plants, figurines, photos. You know how if you have a lot of things it looks cluttered but if you display them properly they really add to the space by looking like there is less stuff......
    Decluttering by throwing things away or donating is easy...but decluttering without giving up your possesions takes skill.
    just a thought

  10. Thanks so much for your input everyone! It's reassuring to know you all think it sounds ok and on the right sort of track.

    The mini course idea is a good one Jenn, I will give that some thought. The 8 week e-course is a work in progress (slow progress at the moment), and involves some sort of post, activities and info every day plus a forum, so fitting it all into 8, 2 hr sessions would be tricky... but I could pull the main ideas out and try that.

    Marianne, that is a very interesting 'take' on things, and I will certainly put some thought into that. 'How To Declutter WITHOUT Getting Rid Of Your Stuff' (or something like that) would certainly be a good name for a course... unexpected!!!

    Number 3 is my fave Tracey, and where my heart lies, so if there was interest in that one it's prob the way I'd go.

    Bobbi, I'd love it if you were here, how great would that be! I thought the decluttering one might appeal to you as you've mentioned that area before.

    Hmmmmm, thanks EVERYONE, so much to think about. It's been so busy this year with work, but I need to eke out some time and get this 'on the road'.

    Linda. xoxoxox

  11. What an excellent idea Linda! Go for it. I love your drive and enthusiasm!!!
    Your posts are so insightful, tackling lots of differnt topics, but all coming back to one overall theme - the home
    Wish I lived closer, I'd come!

  12. It sounds like a great idea. If it were me I'd maybe start with a few groups of friends/acquaintances as a way to bounce ideas off them and see how your material works. I know I'd love to participate, if only I were nearby! :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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