Saturday, November 20

Pssssst..... The Sheep Are Back!

Oh look, the sheep are back, and looking friendly and plump!

These ones are distant cousins of our other sheep friends.

And, they obviously have good taste... they live in a room filled with books!

Linda. xox

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  1. Very cute. My mom always had a knee-high sheep in our living room. it was a gift from a friend of hers from Peru. Now, I keep a similar, smaller sheep in my daughter's room and hate to part with it because it reminds me of my mom.

  2. I love this. i can't imagine what kind of person would put sheeps in a living room full of books, but I would be thrilled to meet him/her. You must be someone who loves to play around, someone fun. I love the gree rug representing the grass the sheeps are eating. So. Much. Fun.

  3. Love these! I need some sweet stuffed (artificial) deer! XX!

  4. Haha ... I do so love these sheep, so it's wonderful to see an encore performance from them!! :)

  5. I thought the green grass rug was great too Bobbi!

    Minnie.... yay!! I know someone who has one of these sheep!! Love it! I can imagine how hard it would be to part with it if it reminds you of your mum's sheep.

    Shari, wouldn't a deer be great! Yours would have to be blue though. ;)


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