Wednesday, October 6

And Now For Something Completely Different - Pample Mousse Design Inc.

It's not everyday you see a sheep in your living room!!

When I came across this modernist house designed by Pample Mousse Design Inc, I was intrigued and fascinated by their bold choices. Bright pops of colour, clever use of pattern, interesting incorporation of textures, and entertaining artwork and 'props'.

Never a dull moment in this house I suspect!

What do you think? Could you deal with a pretend sheep in your living room?

I love the zany quirkiness of it all!!

Of course, the sheep would all have to have names... hmmmmmm....

Linda. xox


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  1. WOW! I love the quirkiness of everything because it's still modern and not clunky.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely long comment. Your blog is beautiful and I share your passion for making houses into homes for the souls that dwell therein. We've recently decided to do a little renovating (something we have never done before) so I'll be popping back for some inspiration!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing...I could deal with the sheep quite easily as long as they all had names (and they weren't really real stuffed sheep but just big fake stuffed animals!)!Actually, it's really a cute living space! Definitely conversation pieces!

  4. Haha, oh I absolutely love the sheep - they would be so wonderful and so strange to have in the house. You'd certainly get people talking! :)

    I'd definitely have to name the sheep too ... but then again, that could be worrying - maybe I'd start talking to them too! ;)

  5. Oh yes, they'd have to be fake sheep, not real 'stuffed' ones... I couldn't deal with that!

    And, I'm pretty sure knowing myself as I do, that I'd definitely start talking to them!!! Hehe.

  6. man o man - that is so ecclectic its funky - you can't help but stare - i think i'd have trouble having a conversation with the owner i'd be so busy looking at all the quirky gear !

  7. I could talk to those sheep for hours. I talk with everything that looks fluffy. It's my thing.
    This is so appropriate for vegetarian week isn't it? I love it. Of course I hope those animals skins are fake, but the house looks great. I like the colors, all those apple green touches with lavender and blue. It could be a perfect decoration for every kind of surrounding, from the beach to the country, don't you think?

  8. Loooove the green couch in the first one and the little kids one a few down and the furry blanky on the bed. Not so sure about the sheep. lol

  9. Would be great as a holiday house. Yes I would start talking to the sheep as well. Charmaine

  10. So glad you dropped by Moth Design today... I was fortunate to discover your lovely blog as a result. I'm smitten with this post. Following and look forward to seeing more. :) Erica


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