Friday, October 22

My Weekend Book And A Library To Dream Of....

What are you all going to be doing this weekend?

I'm going to be finishing my current book  'Hand In Glove' by Robert Goddard. He's probably my second favourite author after Phil Rickman, and I've read this one before (you can tell by its slightly 'weather beaten' condition), but felt like the company of an old friend this week!

Now, if only I had a library like this astoundingly glorious room from one of my favourite design firms Pample Mousse Design Inc to finish reading it in.

Remember the house with the sheep in the living room a while back? That was the folks from Pample Mousse.

My heart skipped a beat the first time I saw this image.... absolute book lovers' heaven.

Not much to ask is it? That room, with some of these books.... sigh.

Happy weekend everyone!

May you find something amazing and wonderful to immerse yourself in.

Linda. xox

P.S: If you're looking for something interesting and book related to immerse yourself in next weekend (and you live in Victoria), I found the following information on the website

Sandy from the fab blog Ampersand Design left a link to the site in the comments section of my '8 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Read' post, and it's truly fabulous! Lots and lots of great info, competitions, and things to do for book lovers of all ages. Thanks Sandy!

Mountains of Books: Used, rare and out of print books fair.

10am-4pm, 30-Oct-2010 to 31-Oct-2010.

Ferny Creek in the Yarra Ranges.

The third annual Mountains of Books, organised by second-hand and specialist booksellers from the Yarra Ranges and beyond, will be held on Melbourne Cup weekend, October 30 and 31. Yes, there is life beyond the Spring Racing Carnival.

This special weekend has proved popular with booklovers – locals, Melburnians and visitors – escaping the city’s frenetic activity to enjoy the cool tranquility of spring in “The Dandenongs”.

The fair will have over a dozen knowledgeable and friendly booksellers offering thousands of used and out-of-print titles, including an eclectic range of fiction and non-fiction titles plus collectible genres such as vintage children’s books, cookery, art, fashion, gardening and militaria.

Other activities will include professional bookbinding demonstrations plus informative sessions on how to care for your collectible and antiquarian books.

For more info and a contact number, visit the Good Reading Magazine website here, and scroll down until you find it.


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  1. Dear Linda,
    What could be better than sitting back with a great book! Such books have been my "best friends" often! Have you ever read any books by Taylor Caldwell? She passed on in the 80's but her books still delight and inform in her own special way!
    Have a great weekend!
    PS This library is perfect - I love how it is obviously used!

  2. Couldnt you just lose days and days once you closed yourself in that room full of books? hmm one day maybe :)

  3. A few years ago I found a nice little home I could actually afford. It was really small, but very well taken care of by previous owners, in a nice place. The smallest garden I have ever seen, but wth a nice green area right across the street. I always wanted to own my place, but in my house there has to be a room just for books. I know, maybe I want too much, but I don't see the point in making sacrifices for something that's not you dream. I was heavily criticized by my family, but I can't adjust to second best just because owning a house is smarter than being on rent. A home, you know this, is the place where you feel safe and at ease, not the one you can own. in my little rented cottage I have a small room wich is far away from the library I would like to have, but it's cozy and there is a wonderful view on the country outside. I love it. That library in the last picture is magnificent. I would never see the light of day again if I had that.

  4. Ann, no I haven't read any of her books. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check her out. I love finding new authors to read.

    I could most definitley lose at least one day in there Bec!!

    And Bobbi, you are sooo right about needing a house where you feel safe and at ease. The very first thing I did when I was looking at buying the unit where I am now, was to get out my tape measure, and check to see if I could fit my two biggest bookcases on either side of my sofa along the main wall in the living room. I was so worried they wouldn't fit as that was the ideal spot for them, but they DID!! That was one of the biggest selling points for me. :)

    Linda. xoxo


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Linda. xx

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