Thursday, October 21

It's An Owl Doorstop!! Plus, Some Of My Own Owls...

How cute is this!! Pretty obvious why I love him, being the owl fancier I am!

Here's a group of some of my owls. These ones reside in my living room on one of my bookshelves. The little one was given to me by a close friend, who bought it while she was overseas in England. It's a Minerva Owl (named after the Roman Goddess of wisdom). These owls are meant to be potent symbols of wisdom and philosophical thought.

The second biggest one was also given to me by that same friend. We were out shopping together and I pounced on it, and she then pounced on me, swooped it out of my hands, and declared she was buying it for me! It has lovely red eyes, which made it all the more attractive to this 'red' girl. As you probably noted, it opens so you can put little treasures in there!

The last big, goofy, silly looking one was bought by myself. A little bit of a departure from my usual owlishness, but every group has a 'funny guy' don't they - lol! This one does anyway.

What animals do you have an affinity for? Do you collect any?

Linda. xox


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  1. Hi Linda,
    I have a gazillion Owls but I do not have those three. One of these days I will write a post about them.
    I also have quite a few elephants....figurines....not live ones.
    And I have 7 ones....not figurines.

  2. What a great collection you've got going. LOVE the fabric one...

  3. Your owls are lovely. I used to collect elephants, but haven't acquired any new ones for a long time. I don't really know how my elephant collection started or why.

    I seem to be seeing owls everywhere lately. Such a beautiful creature.

    Sandy K

  4. Yesterday I was going around searching for decorations for my shop and I came across some nice owls figurines...and thought of you!! I wanted to buy one but there were so many I couldn't make a choice. As a little girl I collected animals in Murano glass, but I never had a collection of just one sinlge species. I gave up the murano glass because of my cats. After they crahed a beautiful and large blue pigeon and a beautiful tiger...I decided it was time to put the collection on stand by.

  5. Love the doorstop owl!!

    And all of your owls are lovely beyond belief. I particularly love the one with red eyes.

    I adore woodland creatures and really try to not fill my house with too many of them - deers, rabbits, owls, squirrels ... that kind of thing. Oh, and I really like horses too! :)

  6. Those are awesome! I am loving owls more and more. When I was a baby, my first toy was a stuffed animal elephant (named Elephant of course!). I STILL sleep with it (my husband doesn't mind, it's pretty small). So I have lots of elephant things, piggy banks, earrings, necklaces, drawings, little wooden ones, etc... :)

  7. Elephants seem to be hugely popular too!! I have an elephant candle holder that I love. He has his trunk going up as there's supposed to be some old superstition that elephants with their trunks going down bring bad luck, and trunks going up means good luck!

    How cute about your first stuffed toy Meghan... love that he was called 'Elephant'!

    Bobbi, how sweet you thought of me.... thanks!! Your murano glass collection sounds sublime, but real, live, warm little bodies offer so much more - well worth putting your collection on standby!!

    Marianne, glad you like my big goofy owl!! He's a bit daft looking, but I love him. Hehe.

    Linda. xox

  8. Linda, your little doorstop is adorable!
    Just so cute!!

    I fancy scottie dog favorite are my living and breathing babies..Duhgall and Fiona.


  9. Well, you may know that my full name is Minerva, but I've never heard of a "Minerva Owl" before. He is adorable. I like him a lot, and not just because we share names! Like your matryoshka above, I like stuffed little pillows shaped like people or animals. This one caught my eye because of all the colors and because he is just so darn cute, short and stout.

    I have a couple owls but used to collect elephants, all with their trunk going upward. I'm not quite sure how the whole collection got started but they take up quite a bit of space to display so I actually have them stored away right now. I think I grew out of them, but I collected them for so many years that it's hard to part with them now.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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