Tuesday, September 14

Nope - Not For Me......Real Looking Animals On The Wall...

I hinted quite a while ago in this post about 'how NOT to decorate' about my distaste for certain types of animal paraphenalia on the wall...... and, yep...... my feelings haven't changed, even though the trend seems to be as strong as ever.

I just don't like 'real' looking deer heads staring at me from the wall.

I have however, warmed a bit to the trend for dear heads and antlers etc. that don't look like an animal that used to be alive, and is now trying to look alive again.

The artistic representations in these pics below for example, do have some appeal to me.

In other words, if it looks stuffed or preserved, I'm afraid I don't want it on my wall. Smacks too much of hunting and those displays of gamesmanship for me... and I've never been able to stomach those.

Perhaps if I came from a different culture where it was more accepted, but I do not. I just can't abide the thought of animals being killed for sport, or even if they're vermin, so anything hanging up there on the wall that even faintly reminds me of that is going to disturb the vibe in my room and corrupt it for me.

Where I like them - in the wild. Image source.

One of these on my wall? NO, NO, NO, NO. Image source.

And, anything with glass eyes, or eyes that sort of look real, kinda reminds me of a creepy movie in an old haunted house where the characters inevitably feel the eyes in the family portraits are following them around the room!

Which, when you think about it, isn't the sort of atmosphere you want to create in a happy home!

I've also warmed a bit more to the trend for real or imitation skulls, bones, antlers and such..... they kind of resonate an earthy, natural vibe that encourages curiosity and an affinity with nature (for me). As long as an animal wasn't killed to get those antlers...... I'm much happier.

Perhaps because I was brought up in the country and saw many animal skeletons laying around in various circumstances, this sort of 'death' doesn't affect me as badly as the 'hunting' sort of death does. And, those animals died of natural causes (as far as I knew).

I liken this sort of display (bones, skulls etc.) to those with old bits of coral, sea shells, pinecones, driftwood.... anything nature has served up as a fossil or natural curiosity to be pondered and studied.

What do you think about animal heads, antlers, and things like that on the wall or on display?

Let's have a poll and find out shall we.  I'd love to know what you think!

Linda. xox


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  1. Hello,
    I love the last pic. Especially the ocean inspired pieces (coral on shelf and pillows) and the other little collections like the crocheted pebbles and ceramics. I love collections of treasures in interiors.
    Carla :)

  2. I don't like real looking or fake looking. Just not for me.

  3. No...I'm so not into the hunting things for sport. I loved that scene in Wedding Crashers when they're on a hunt for quail. Owen Wilson talks about the buzz he's getting and Vince Vaughn's response to that is very funny.
    I get the irony and often artists will use found dead animals and often times I really like it but I absolutely don't agree with killing things for sport or art...
    :) xo

  4. Hi Linda,
    I couldn't agree more! I even have a hard time with fish being fished out of the sea... the way they wiggle to survive really gets to me. Of course, if it were a matter of survival, that would probably be another thing. But we don't (Thank God)live during such desperate times. But even still, animal heads belong on their beautiful living, loving bodies, and when they die, they deserve to be buried.

  5. as a vegan I can't stand anything that reminds me of a dead animal of cousre. I have animal ceramics around the house but they look like cartoons carachters and they're the only ones i like! I couldnt' have a head hanging on my wall...I can't even look if someone next to me is eating fish, I'm really oversensitive. I usually ask to put the menu standing up between the two plates so I can't see. I'm annoying I know...

  6. Not for me.
    I can do the nature thing based on flora but not fauna. It's probably the vego coming out in me, I just don't like anything that invokes the idea of an animal being slaughtered as a trophy - real or not.
    Having said that, antlers are ok if they are left over from an animal dying of natural causes, but still not really my cup of tea.

    Sandy K

  7. Thanks for the heartfelt and interesting comments everyone! I find it really intriguing that it's such a massive trend at the moment.... and yet most people I know aren't really that much in favour of it.

    I know design is very personal for many people (as I believe it should be!), and trends are weird things sometimes. I liken trophy heads on the walls to pelts being used for fur coats.... they're both forms of decoration.

    There's such a huge backlash in the fashion industry about people wearing real fur.... and yet using an animal head as a trophy on the wall for decoration is trendy at the moment. Strange..... don't you think?

    Linda. xox :)

  8. We live in a forest. I see deer everyday. right outside my window. It breaks my heart to hear the guns in the fall. I could never and will never have dead animal trophies, real or fake, in my house.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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