Friday, September 17

Amazing Tumblr Find...

Ok, I've got a lovely little collection of Tumblrs growing here.... but I really wanted to give this one a seriously special mention.

The World We Live In is full of the most gob-smacking, jaw dropping photography I have probably ever seen.

If you love nature and images from the world around us, you MUST check out this Tumblr.

Each of the photos above was found on the Tumblr, and I then clicked through to their sources on Flickr or elsewhere.

Clicking through page after page of the most startling and stunning photographs, I'm reminded of how much I'd like to include more photography on my walls at home. I have heaps of art prints and a couple of originals, but some images like these on my walls......... incredible.

I've added The World We Live In to my Tumblr Collection because I know I'll be visiting regularly!

Happy weekend everyone!

Linda. xox


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  1. Oh... these just left me speechless! Unbelievable beautiful! I will visit the site you mentioned.
    Thanks so much for *visiting* me at my history blog about St. Nicholas. One of the main reasons I started researching his life was exactly for the reason you wrote... I wanted to get to the truth about him and the world in which he lived. I mean, he has touched so many lives, in one guise or another, around the world! I loved your comment...thanks!

  2. These photos shoul remind us how wonderful this world is...and maybe encourage us to treat it a little bit better, don't you think? I love that nat Geo photo: i've been rading the magazine since I was eleven and I'm always checking the website. There are breathtaking pictures.
    Have a great week end Linda!!

  3. Wonderful pictures. I love pic.2 it is amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great great weekend.


  4. They are so beautiful!! I'm so glad that you source these images, 'cos I would miss out on so much! I never think to do it...Not a problem when I can visit yours:) xo

  5. yes, you're right there is so much good stuff out there- more than i'll ever get a chance to see!

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Love your blog
    Love your ethos
    Love this post and photo's

    Soo glad I discovered you via mousey brown's house.

    Soo much thought and work has gone into this blog
    I like where your coming from...

    I WILL be back for more.

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Lovely images.....sometimes you forget that there is so much beauty out there....thanks for sharing. xo

  8. Oooh, glad you liked them everyone!

    Julie, so nice to *meet* you! Thank you for your amazing comments.... I'm very humbled that you like my blog so much. Will pop over and visit your blog now! I'm guessing (from the name), that I'll love it!

    Linda. xox

  9. wow! gorgeous images - our earth is truly a magical place to live!


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