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Nope.... Not For Me! My New Blog Category, and A Poll About Mirrors!

I've been meaning to start writing posts for my new section 'Nope, Not For Me!' for a while, but I've always kinda second guessed myself at the last moment...... What if people think I'm silly? What if I come across as being condescending or knowing zip about design? What if people say stuff like 'Who does she think she is'?


Well, today I decided to go ahead and 'just do it' because heck, this IS my blog after all, and these are only my own opinions, not something I'm trying to say you should or shouldn't do.

How I choose to decorate my home is all about what makes it feel 'right' for me. What gives it the vibe and atmosphere I want to create.... not what the latest design trend or majority of designers say is 'in'. For me, designing comes from the heart, the soul, and the gut.

I just thought it'd be interesting to see if there's other people out there who go against 'trend' in relation to some current decorating 'must haves' like I do.

So, I'd like to start with mirrors!

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE mirrors. I'm very in favour of using them all 'round the place. In collections on a wall, one big mirror over a whole wall, in different shapes and sizes.... LOVE 'em.

What I don't like, and actually can't stand at all is....... (drum roll please)..... those old or antique mirros that look like they have mould growing behind the glass.

Yes, I know, slap me down with a wet fish right now.... those mirrors are so tre fashionable and bucket loads of people love them.

And, that's absolutely ok.

But, I do not.

I don't mind the old weather worn look on furniture (as long as it's not so distressed it looks like it's falling to bits or the paint's actually hanging off it in shreds), and I truly love and value the patina and aged look that most antiques and much loved items gather as they age.

But, I just can't stomach those mirrors.

If they were untarnished and the glass looked like new, I'd snap them up in a flash.... there's so many beautifully shaped older mirrors around.

I have a gorgeous old mirror in my spare bedroom/office space that used to belong to my grandma, and I'd NEVER give it up in a million years.... but the glass looks like new, which is because (gasp) I had it re-silvered about 10 years ago due to the slight 'mouldy' look it had.

I so desperately wanted to put it on my wall that I paid an exorbitant amount to get it 'restored'.

Maybe it's because I'm a clean freak and the discoloration does look like mould to me.

Maybe it's because I just love the sparkling gleam of, and crystal clear reflections you get in non tarnished mirrors.

I don't know.

Nor do I need to know....

I just don't like 'em.

What about you?

Do you like them?

Think I'm nuts? I'd love to know, so let's have a poll!!! Let me know what you think by voting below. I'm really, really curious to see if there's anyone else out there who thinks like I do.

Linda. xox


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  1. First time I have popped over here and this post just cracked me up (no mirror smashing pun intended)! I cant say I like the look either though it does kind of suit that room that you have pistured and I guess maybe the right house could pull it off!? But, yeah not keen either, much rather polished, clean and sparkling ;)

  2. I don't mind them, I think they are ok, but I probably wouldn't use them.

  3. That's so tricky. I love old stuff (and modern) and honestly I try to spend as little time as possible in front of a mirror, so if I had one that buffetted the view some what that would probably suit me to a T...but then again I like things that are functional and practical and it can be annoying to try and fix hair etc. in a chipped or worn out glass (hope you know what I'm talking about)
    I have always had a bit of a thing for old ornate sort of baroque style mirrors...I'm not really into fake anything so if it has been distressed to look antique, I'm almost immediately put off.
    Oh my gawd, look at me rabbiting on and on...I'm just not sure which box to tick?
    I'm somewhere between not sure and nope:) xo
    P.S. I'm going with nope

  4. I don't like them at all. I like old things, I like things that have a very used look, as long as they look fresh! And you're right, crystal, glass or whatever that is, has to be shiny and reflect light!
    i like polls!!

  5. I love them, but the first pic you have shown is too much for me. They still have to be slightly functional.

    Sandy K


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