Thursday, August 26

My Sanity Is At Stake.....

It's becoming a VERY large problem and I've decided to do something about it before my online sanity is completely overtaken and I go 'Tumbling' into madness....

Tumblr madness that is.

Every day I seem to find more Tumblrs to love, devour, savour, and sift through, and my bookmarks are starting to overflow.

So, I've decided to keep all my Tumblr links right here where I know they're only a click away and I can sort them to my heart's content.

Besides... if they're right here, then you can get lost in them too every now and then. (Be warned though, Tumblrs are addictive..... a bit like tattoos for tattoo fanatics).

In no particular order (but all fabulous), here's a few to get started:

The Beautiful Soup
Heart Home
Japanese Flower Garden
Little Book Of Secrets
My Cup of Tea
Design Is My Muse
Mod Livin
Trace Paper
La Belle Vie
Heaven Is Here
Pretty Inspirations
Brocante Home
Just Be Splendid
La Boom
Step Into My Attic
Think Decor
Turquoise Tulips and Bliss
Simply Sun
The Decorista
Mary Ruffle
The World We Live In
Birch and Lily
Early Mornings
Charming Ages
The Looking Glass
Cottage In The Woods
Plays With Scissors
Hearts Aflutter

I'll post more of them as I get time... there's lots to go!!!

Linda. xox



  1. I know what you are talking bookmarks are a mile long...
    I loose so much time on tumblr, I don't even realize how much. Now I'm going to check on your suggestions, because it's never enough!!

  2. Oooh that is scary...I had a quick squiz through last night and there are some gorgeous things I could easily spend a bit of time gazing dreamily at:)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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