Tuesday, August 3

Designer Crush - Samantha Pynn

If I remember correctly (which will be a miracle at the moment - lol), it was around 6 months ago I first saw Samantha's work over at the lovely House of Turquoise.

I think her rooms are so fresh, vibrant, and beautifully put together. I find her choice of colours invigorating and yet soothing at the same time. And, I admire her ability to strike the right balance with interesting accessories, eye catching art works, great fabrics, fabulous furniture, and differing textures. I also admire her use of fabulous light fittings and the 'clean' line she maintains in every room.

Oh yeah..... I also consider her a member of the 'Cushionista Club'!! She seems to have a really great knack for finding superb cushions. Love it. :)

Linda. xox

More - Here's 3 other great designers to 'crush' on...
Holly Dyment (fab colour)
Jay Jeffers (his own home)
Greg Natale (rugs to die for)



  1. A cushionista for sure. I especially love the first two pictures: love the colour of the wall and the wooden tables. A perfect beach feeling...I can't never get enough of that.

  2. Ooooh I love that spherical light fitting! And the pale blue. Very elegant and lovely! Yes, for sure they are very lovely cushions. I rather like the navy! :) xo

  3. I love love love Samantha's work! Her use of color is brilliant!

    Thanks for the link-love too! :)


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