Tuesday, May 18

Greg Natale New Regency Rug Collection - Bold and Sophisticated

There's nothing like a great rug to tie a room together and provide a feast for the eyes.

I'm really liking big, bold, geometric designs at the moment (was sketching a few out on my pad last night just for fun), and these rugs are absolutely stunning.

Designed by Greg Natale for Designer Rugs,they demonstrate his love of repeated patterns, and his passion for decoration as part of design. The collection of six rugs is titled the 'New Regency Collection', and is very sophisticated and exciting.

I think my favourite is the last one (and all the cushions are pretty fab too!)





  1. These rugs are wonderful – for some reason, I am so so attracted to the one featuring green. Normally, this is not a color I'm attracted to, but it looks wonderful and warm!

    Thank you for stopping by the other day + for your lovely comment :)


  2. I love those large patterns too, I just worry that I'd tire of it if it was in my house!


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