Monday, July 12

Displays of Affection... And Give-Away Reminder

I love 'displays of affection'.... little vignettes of found objects, fresh flowers, seasonal items, bits and bobs from around the home. There's something very nurturing and comforting about the childlike fun of mixing and matching favourite things.

One of my favourite books, Vintage Vavoom (Clarkson Potter 2007), says the following...

'...Brightly coloured marbles, beans, candy, dried peas, corn, crayons, Matchbox cars - all of these items look wonderful housed in vintage apothecary jars or even simple pickling containers. Line them up on a shelf for interest and colour. Finding interest in the banal is a fantastic tool for mixing and matching. You'd be surprised by the possibilities such everyday things can bestow on a vignette. That spool of thread and garments of lace may become the centerpiece on a coffee table. Stylishly packaged food items are also fantastic decorative items to freshen a look.'

I love the idea of using everyday items, old favourites, and natural objects to decorate. I use my favourite red and purple shoes to great effect in my bedroom. And, I've always draped my cherished cherry blossom bathrobe where it can be easily seen! My books also form a great part of my decorating.... in stacks, displayed open on top of my bookcases, leaning in small groups to show off the colour of their covers.

What are your 'displays of affection' like?

Do you love fiddling and playing with your favourite things until they look 'just right'?

All images from the lovely La Boom on Tumblr.

Linda. xox

A Reminder: The French Script Cushion Cover give-away still has 3 days of entry time left..... so leave a comment here to secure your chance of winning this gorgeous cover for your own home!!!!



  1. wow, really nice photos. That bed is soo inviting!! Right now here is so hot I have to get up very early in the morning to get things done, because after eleven the temperature starts rising...thanks God i bought my stupid plastic pool!!
    have a nice day

  2. that is so cute to use that little scale as a spot to place things on.


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Linda. xx

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