Friday, July 9

A Weekend Wish For You - Basking In The Glory Of Such A Day As This...

As I mentioned yesterday, it's freaking cold over here!! How I'd love to be sitting somewhere like this on a glorious sunshiny day. What a gift that would be.

May you find somewhere magical like this to sit and spend time this weekend.

Also, here's a reminder about the French Script cushion cover give-away I launched yesterday. You can enter here.

Plus, here's another shot I took yesterday to show off some of my shop's new cushion covers. I'm so loving them, and can't wait to get the shop ready to go for you. The French Script cover is peeking over the back, and looking at the photo just now I think it's upside down - lol!

All the rose covers (there's blue ones as well - not shown) have co-ordinating patterns on the back.

Happy weekend wonderfuls. :)




  1. Well, here is freaking HOT!! Thanks God I live near lake Garda where the water is really cold even in summer , and that the place where I live is very windy and fresh at night...people in town are dying in front of their AC systems...

  2. It's really hot outdoors here -- I wish for a few degrees less... but that's okay -- the evenings are lovely, and perfect. This photo is heavenly!

  3. It's a tad chilly down here as well, we have a barometer? outside. We always check it in the evenings and if it sits even a bit above 4 degrees we jokingly call it barmy. I would love to be at the polkadot table. Your cushions look gorgeous too. xo

  4. While it wasn’t as beautiful as this delightful scene. I was lucky enough to spend a warm winter’s morning indulging in a bbq breakfast at the park with friends and family…blissful. I hope you found something to warm you this weekend.

  5. Linda, I adore the first photo. how beautiful! thank you for sharing. xx Jenn


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