Wednesday, July 14

A Night Of Drama And The French Script Cushion Cover Give-Away Winner!

Well, it's been a night of drama here!!

I've not been posting for the last few days or so, (or commenting on anyone's blogs - sorry guys!!), because my computer has basically been out of action. It's been close to dying for a while, and it took a step closer (freezing for around 30 seconds every minute or so) a few nights ago.

So.... today I've had a computer whiz in swapping everything over to a new hard drive and loading programs etc on, and getting everything up and running again.... took nearly 4 hours due to a few complications... phew!!


...the power went out! Arrrggghhh!

I was just getting ready to do this post and everything suddenly went black (and may I say it's COLD here without power), and much fumbling in the darkness for my torch and some candles ensued.

It's also amazing how much you can see by the light of your mobile phone screen!

Two hours later the power is back on, so I can finally announce the winner of the French Script cushion cover give-away.

I've been trying for the last hour to get a screen dump of's generated number onto my post, but apparently I need a program like MacPaint or some such to do it.... and I don't have one.

So, without further ado, was duly submitted the numbers of 1 - 11, and the 'generate result' button was pushed.........

..... and the winner was number 5!

That's you Bobbi!!!!!!

So, if you email me your physical address to, I'll send it on its way within the next few days!


Linda. xox



  1. Yippi yay!!!!!Yahooo!!! I cannot tell you how much i'm happy!!! Thank you so much!!
    It's going to be my favorite cushion cover ever.

    And I'm sorry about your technical problems...computers seems like to leave you behind right the moment when you need them most!! And the power everytime there is a storm the light goes out for hours...

    Im going to mail you my address right away.
    Yeah!! Paris cushion cover!!

  2. Power doesn't go out often here thank goodness!

    So glad you're happy about winning!

    Big congrats.

    Linda. :)

  3. Hehe, where would we be...I'm so glad that everythings fine now. We had a situation very similar to that a couple of weeks ago, such a...anyway...Congratulations Bobbi!! Your so lucky! :) xo


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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