Thursday, July 8

Getting Closer.... Excitement Plus A Very French Give-away!!

As I get closer and closer to launching my small but tre gorgeous cushion cover shop - I'm getting more and more excited!

All I have to do now is get some great images taken of my handpicked covers, finish the write-ups, get it all online, and I'll be done.

The light here in Ballarat (typical winter light) has been so dreary and almost dark, but today the sun came out, and I got to take a few photos with a bit of natural light! Hooray!

To celebrate, I've decided to give-away one of my favourite covers, the 'French Script' cushion cover.

This is the cushion cover to have if you love a little bit of french magic and whimsy. It features excerpts of french manuscripts and documents on a 100% linen front, with a plain linen look fabric on the back. It's light beige with goreous chocolate brown writing...... very elegant and chic. There's an envelop closure for easy access.

To win your own French Script cushion cover all you need to do is be a follower of Heartfire At Home and leave a comment below.

Entries will remain open until 6.00 pm next Wednesday (Melbourne time), and one winner will be selected via and published soon after that! Woohoo!!!!!!

Also, thought I'd share a pic of one of my other covers. I designed this one using a seletion of material from the divine Ms. Heather Bailey. There's blooming roses on the front, and a gorgeous pink and green geometric pattern on the back (you can see it in the pic above), so you can have 2 cushions in one and flip it either way!

When I showed my mum, she wanted to know if the pattern was a 'whole lotta big lips' - lol!! I'd never thought of it that way.... it's actual fabric name is 'Pocketbook' so go figure.

A truly invisible zip means either side looks like the 'proper side'.

I have some others like this and I'm calling the range my 'Floral with a twist' range. I so love Heather Bailey fabrics - sigh. Very shabby chic with a modern edge.

Good luck with the French Script cover everyone. :)

Linda. xox



  1. I understand very little of it but I love it all the same:) xo

  2. I'm officially a sucker for anything French! This is gorgeous!

  3. Should I live the comment in french to have more chances??
    Ah ah, just kidding. I can't write french.

  4. Hi Linda,

    How wonderful that you are opening a cushion cover shop! Your covers are beautiful. I love your blog too. It is very inspiring!


  5. ...ehm... "leave". Seems like I can't write english either.

  6. thank you! i love the pillows, it is so dreary here across the ocean too....xx

  7. I really NEED that cushion in my new house!! We visited Paris last summer and have not been the same since.....loved every minute of it!

  8. I so glad to hear you are so close to the grand opening, how exciting. Good luck to you with you new shop and to me with my entry in your fabulous giveaway!

  9. woo! Linda, i think I stopped by in time to get in on this .. I have a thing for Paris lately... or maybe it has a thing for my heart. lol.. big luv... may the best randomER win.. your gorgeous cushion! your site is so fun to visit! xx Jenn

  10. This cushion would be so great in my french/Paris inspired Pied-à-Terre in the city. :) Love the idea of a cushion cover business!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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