Saturday, September 26

More Maps, Different Things... Look At These Wonderful Purses!

Thanks to Jodie over at Ric Rac (a fellow Ballarat blogger) who gave me this link this morning after noticing my map post yesterday!

Here's a chance to get really personal with your maps.

Map 29 creates purses of all shapes and sizes for Australians who want their very own corner of the world on something they own!

As the artist has a licensing agreement with Ausways who produce the Melways Street Directories over here in Aus, she is free to use any part of them.

So, when ordering, you can choose any capital city or town in Aus and have it on your purse!

The artist suggests you might like to have where you lived as a child on one side of the purse, and where you live now on the other.

What an amazing gift idea, so personal.

Such a great way to celebrate a place with important memories for you.

Love it!



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1 comment:

  1. I love these great little bags! Maps are a collection of mine, and a map bag would be right up my alley.


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