Tuesday, July 31

3 Gorgeous Porches - Places To Dream....

I'd love to have a beautiful porch like any of these....

Those 'tree chairs', small log side table, and large wooden coffee table in the second picture are so rustic and textural. I love them! So soothing.

We all need a place to dream and relax. :)

Linda. xox


  1. I'm all for the last one for those blue chairs. I love all shades of blues, especially light tones. I have a porch Linda. You're welcome anytime if you want to help me decorate it. I just have two plastic (ugh) chairs and a plastic (double ugh) table. Garden furniture is crazy expensive. I always waned to find the time to build something by myself, by time is not on my side. And I hate those plastic chair, I get glued to the seat when it's hot.

    1. Bobbi, I would SO love to sit with you on your porch, and I would LOVE to help you decorate it - couldn't think of anything better than decorating a porch with a good friend in Italy. Getting over there is on my list of BIG things to do. You made me chuckle about sticking to the plastic chairs! I'm in need of some lovely garden furniture myself. I have some that's about 15 or more years old and I'm craving some nicer, newer furniture to really spruce up my outdoor space.

  2. Oh, a lovely porch - how I want me one of those! Having said that: I do have a terrace that runs along the entire length of the living room, that could look every bit as wonderful as these - if only the weather in NL had been good enough this summer for me to actually get it ready. I want wooden decking and loads of tubs and planters... and I want to grow my own herbs... oh, and some lovely reclining chairs, or at least comfy chairs you can curl up in with a good book!
    (heaves big sigh)

    1. Ooooh, a terrace, wow! Your vision sounds gorgeous Sacha. I've had the intent to grow herbs for the last year or so, and haven't gotten around to it yet. Only a month to go until Spring over here!


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