Wednesday, August 1

This Kitchen Is Incredible...

This kitchen is amazing!

Found on Coco and Kelly via Dust Jacket Attic and Nicety (and designed by Deulonder), the photos of this kitchen have been stashed in my 'I'm Going To Have One Of These In My Home One Day' file.

I love the way the eating area is its own nook with the kitchen and store room/open pantry backing on to it and around it. (I couldn't fill that pantry with jars, but I'm sure some books would end up in there - lol.)

And, the storage..... oh. my. goodness. Unbelievable. (Although as Bobbi has pointed out in her comment, quite probably beyond most people on planet earth!) Click through and have a look at the whole thing here.

I love the darker trim (it's on the light shade too), the soothing feel of it, the layout, the colour palette, the naturalness of it.... I think I love everything about it with the exception that it does feel a little too 'hotel' like. I'd like it better if the table weren't so immaculately and precisely laid out I think.

This is the most excited I think I've ever been over a room where you cook and clean up (I'm not a huge fan of cooking..... I can cook, I just don't like to!)

What do you think?

Drool material or overkill?

Linda. xox


  1. people really live like this. Whoever they are, I kind of hate them. I couldn't keep myself from screaming at the tea drawer. Come on. I bought an indonesian rattan box for my teas and thought it was the best. But there is people, out there, on this same planet, who can afford to have a tea drawer. Their life must be so boring. Want to talk about the excitement I get when I can't find my tea box in the mess that there is in my two cabinets of my super small kitchen?? Nah, I wouldn't want all that wonderfully organized storage space that would make my life so much easier.

  2. Hehehe, you make me laugh Bobbi! I have to admit, the storage is overkill, I'd mess it up pretty quick. I've never been one for those jars with labels on them that tell you where everything is either, it's too pedantic for me. Then again, I don't actually use my kitchen much at all, so maybe super organised cooks would like this? In the part where all the jars are on display I'd have my favourite accessories and some of my quirky teapots!! I'd probably end up with books there too.... any room is a good room for books, and then I could grab them if I was doing reading or work at the table.

    I LOVE the way the kitchen wraps around the eating area though, that's the bit I want to emulate. I think it's clever the way they've dont it. xox

  3. Okay, yes. I know it is overkill, BUT. We wantssss it, my precioussss... we wantsss it very much, all the same.

  4. It is simply gob smacking stunning! I honestly thought this was a kitchen from a New York Penthouse as it has many elements in the kitchen that drips of money, butlers and personal chefs. I went to the link but its in another language. Linda do you know where this kitchen is located...I saw one of the pictures some time ago in a blog but can't remember where. That kitchen table is divine. Never can you have too much storage. I want one of these please!
    Mrs B xxx

    1. Mrs B, Deulonder are a Spanish design firm! I love Spanish design. If you look on sites like www.micasarevista you get a good dose of it. Lovely aesthetics and light filled rooms usually!

    2. Will look at the link right now. Thanks Linda!
      Mrs B xxx


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