Monday, July 30

Monday Mojo - Simple Is Best - And My First Attempt At Audio!!

Hi everyone, I thought I'd try something different this Monday. So, here's my first attempt at some kind of audio for you using a great little tool called Audio Boo.

Don't laugh too much, I'll get better.

Those of you reading via email or a feed will need to click through to access the audio.

May your mojo be with you this week!

Linda. xox


  1. Oh what a fab idea! Doing a bit of audio I mean - it's great to know what your voice sounds like, rather like I imagined I have to say! ;-)

    And yes - simple is often best. Although I do sometimes catch myself staring at some gorgeously over the top rooms and sighing...

  2. Oh yes.... I stare and sigh too!! I'm glad you could understand me! I worry about the whole Aussie accent thing for people overseas. Apparently our accent is quite thick to some. I have to learn not to make clicking noises with my tongue now - lol!

  3. he he, I love to hear your voice!! What a wonderful idea. And don't worry for your thick accent, I love to hear different accents. I am more accustomed to the american one because of all the movies and series I watch, but I had no problem understanding yours.
    Simply is best. If only I knew how to do it.

  4. Are you kidding? I love your accent, it has such a friendly ring to it. I think I first got used to the Australian accent when my mum and I watched Flying Doctors back in the day! ;-D

    Oh, and I'd love to hear the Milanese accent of our Italian friend! ;-)


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Linda. xx

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