Saturday, May 26

Home Libraries, Nooks, and Reading Corners....

Are you ready for this?

Over on Houzz (one of my favourite sites ever), I've compiled an idea-book of photos showcasing libraries, books, shelving, and nooks great for curling up and reading a good book in.

You all know how important having books around my home is for me, and how much importance I place on their presence, so this idea-book was an absolute pleasure to collate.

There's over 70 photos in the complete idea book, but the slide show below lets you see a mere 20 of them, so click through here to see the rest!

A feast of bookish joy awaits!

You can find lots of interesting interior pics and ideas over at Houzz.

Between that site and Pinterest, I can disappear for a whole afternoon before I know what's happened.

Linda. xox



  1. Excellent post! The doors is the first entity, everyone notice. Hardwood doors is the symbol of tradition. Its the best choice forever.

  2. I just discovered a giant hole on the top of my ikea shelf in my home studio. I have spent fifteen minutes staring at it. I'm so sad. I think I'll HAVE to wallpaper the whole thing with a bright and bold wallpaper...right? I'll have to. Not that I want to.
    In my wildest dreams I have a room jus for reading. And, time to actually read so much that a room just for reading is a necessity and not just wasted space.
    The ground here is keeping on shaking but we're all fine.

    1. Hmmm, methinks this is a BIG sign to go wild with bold and colourful wallpaper! Good to know the cottage is safe though...

  3. Oh yes. Reading nooks, a home library - just the thing. My next house (which will obviously have to be a mansion) will have to have its own library. Which won't stop me from keeping books all over the place anyway... ;-)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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