Wednesday, May 23

A Path Through The Forest........My Room Fantasy....

Whilst rummaging around my inspiration folders a few days ago, I came across these photographs.

I think they'd look amazing as large canvas prints or photographs on the walls of a single room.

I find them to be intriguing, mysterious, thought provoking, ethereal.... just beautiful!

I can just imagine the space I would use them in if I had the room! I'd have them hanging in my dining room...... the room would have a table in it something like the one in this pic.....

... a wooden, organic, earthy, spontaneous feeling sort of table.

The walls wouldn't be white though.... they'd be a soft grey green, or a medium warm grey, and the colour would wrap around on the ceiling to cocoon the room.

The ceiling may even be a darker colour like a soft charcoal... a little like putting a 'night sky' into the room, adding to the overall 'foresty' effect.

The floor would have beautiful dark wooden boards to ground the whole scene, and also a huge rug with forest tones in it...... greens, golds, muted autumn reds, rusts, light greys.... symbolising the forest floor.

There'd be some lovely organically shaped vases of opaque coloured glass to bring some accent (both colour and textural) to the room, and in them or around them some objects collected from nature displayed in various ways...... twisted wood, pine cones, smooth rocks, beautiful flowers of all colours.

Maybe some 'touchy-feely' felted bowls like these....very textural and natural...

And, some curvy, flowing, wooden bowls like these...

And the light would be some sort of free form 'branch' light with little fairy lights sprinkled through it,

And, I'd use that room as a place for dinner parties or late night get togethers where deep discussion would take place! The photos could prompt us to talk about where our lives are taking us, what's leading us along, the path we're taking, what we're working towards, what we can use to 'light' our way, the goals we can make to illuminate our journey.

The crockery would be delightful, rich hues of green, golden yellow, cherry red, tans, maybe even some aubergine thrown in!

There'd be lots of beautiful beeswax candles, votives burning in gorgeous glass holders, and some earthy essential oil like ylang ylang or patchouli with a dash of sweet orange burning in my vapourizer.

A room of warm, soft light; forest colours, beautiful textures, grounding scents.


How nice to be able to have a room like that. It'd really take care of my 'thing for trees' and my love of soft glowing light.

Oh well........ it's nice to dream!

Linda. xox

P.S: I've had the top 6 pics in my inspiration folders for so long I've forgotten where I found them. Apologies to the owners. If anyone recognises them, please let me know and I'll link them up asap.

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  1. Oh what GORGEOUS pictures. Just my kind of thing - mystery, fairy tales... And I can picture the room you're conjuring up - wonderful.....

  2. The forest. Yes I want to live close, close, close to a forest and a lake in my near future. Ironically I've had the picture with the wooden table in my inspirational folder too, so it means that in that forest, we could be neighbors!!
    Thanks for your concern, but as you can see I'm fine! Here the ground shakes every night, but my cottage doesn't care for earthquakes. Yay for old houses!!

  3. I could think of nothing better than being neighbours with you in a forest Bobbi! And yes, I agree, yay for old houses. So glad you are safe. xxxx

    Sacha, I think 'mystery' is a word that probably goes towards summing up alot of the most attractive things to me. That whole aura of being a little bit mysterious is so magical. :)


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Linda. xx

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