Friday, June 1

More Gorgeous Shelves



Linda. xox



  1. I'm green with envy. Not only those shelves are huge, but look at the light, the large space, the floors and those chair!! Please! How lucky these people are! I would probably never leave home if I had a place like this. I'd have cat food delivered straight to my door, and would worry only to read. Oh yes.
    Have a great week end Linda. Don't worry, my little cottage is as stubborn as I am.

  2. I'm with our favourite Italian - that space, those floors, those shelves - even over the door: it's what I've always wanted. I need to do me some serious visualizing! ;-)

    Sorry to read about the 'waves' - you did already mention the whole experience is proving to be an eye-opener in more ways than one! Hope you can still find enough fulfillment in it to keep you going for as long as needed!


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Linda. xx

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