Monday, October 10

Monday Mojo - Some Words To Inspire You via a New E-Book Just For You

Hello Lovelies!

I've been working on another little project for the last week or so (thank goodness for holidays!), and I've uploaded it onto my Free E-Books and Goodies page.

But, I thought I'd like to share it with you today as I often post a quote on Monday mornings.... so here's a whole bunch of them!

Click on the 'expand' button to get the full view and turn the pages.

I'm getting better at doing my own graphics and fiddling around in Picnik, so putting all the quotes together with layouts and backgrounds was fun!

Happy Monday everyone - and as always on a Monday morning..... may your mojo be with you this week!

Linda. xox



  1. I love these - and according to a certain Spanish proverb, I've just spent my day in a perfectly fine way! ;-D

  2. My first name means 'pretty' in Spanish, which is why my mum and dad chose it (must have been a cute bub). So.... I think I'm entitled to behave in a very Spanish fashion whenever I feel like it... I'm excellent at following that proverb to the letter! Haha!

  3. ha ha, pretty Linda, good for you for becoming better at computer graphics!! I'm going to take a look at this right now!!

  4. Love Love Love it Linda.............


  5. Thanks Bobbi!!

    And, thanks Rosie!! xox

    Linda. :)


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Linda. xx

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