Thursday, October 6

I Just Wanna Be Here......

My absolute love of unusual wooden, textured, accessories/furniture (I'm staring at that table), and old books that feel like they've lived a life of their own means I REALLY want to be in this space.

The big chunky woodwork behind.... the trees (oh how I love trees) in the surroundings.... I could get lost on that porch for unlimited amounts of time.

Peace personified for me.

And, the cushions are pretty darn amazing too.

I found the image on Greige Design.... a lovely new blog to add to my faves list!

Linda. xox

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1 comment:

  1. OOoooo fantastic - and there's plenty of place to flop down so I could occupy the other seat!

    I wish there were more pictures of this place, from various angles - like with the porch you posted about a short while ago - now that one was perfection too... sigh...


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