Wednesday, October 5

A New Blog For You To Check Out... Style Illuminated!

Kate over at Lamps Plus sent me an email about their newly re-named and re-styled blog a few days ago, and when I checked it out I was impressed!

The blog's new name is Style Illuminated, and it has some great articles, different contributors, and lots of great pics and photos about a range of ideas to do with interiors and design.

There was info on different trends, fabric swatches, a post on 'Mad Men' style, interviews with top designers, tips for a great Fall picnic, lists of top accessories, some great Missoni pics (sigh), and even a post on 'The Power Of Plaid'.... and that was all on the front page as I scrolled down!

As it's Fall across the pond in America (Spring over here!), there were also quite a few articles on Fall looks and styles, so I've picked a few pics to share with you. Pop on over to Style Illuminated for lots more pics and great looks!

All the pics above are from an article entitled 'Tablescape Inspiration Ideas For A Fall Dinner Party'.

The gorgeous arrangements above (gawd I LOVE Fall colours - they're everywhere in my home all year 'round - that's my colour palette, right there....) are from an article about flower and fruit arrangements for Fall.

And below, are some more pics from various articles showing how to make a home cozy, how to use candlelight effectively, and one featuring marbled wallpaper in Fall colours!

For lots more inspiration, check out the Style Illuminated blog here.

Linda. xox

P.S. Here's a pic from their newest post (just noticed it today) about budget decorating! This room really has a lived in, eclectic, cozy vibe to me, even though there's lots of white in it.

And another... how gorgeous are the colours in this one?!

Now.... I beseech you all to.....



  1. hehe leaving you a lovely comment :) I'm back to blogging! One of the first things I did was come here and enjoy these inspiring photos! :D Happy to be back!

  2. Beautiful Blog ! Thanks for the link.

  3. Oh my goodness - I love these photos! I will definitely be checking out this blog!

  4. Gaso thanks for the heads up! I am in love....The draping apple limb is so lavish!

  5. Very nice website, I think I'm going to spend some time browsing.
    As for the prints in my shop, thank you! It's something I have wanted to do for a while, but I don't feel like my pictures are worth a print. I think I will spend some time trying to get better photos and develop this idea. Thanks!


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