Friday, August 26

Fearless Fantasy Friday - Wonderful and Whimsical Doors In An Amazing Home...

You know how I love doors with personality.... I think doors are such a magical yet simple symbol of what could be and the places you could go!  To me an unusual door embodies adventure, boldness, and a touch of daring.

You can see then, why I just adore the way the owners of this AMAZING home (found on Design Sponge), have given doors such attention throughout their house.

Take this entrance door with small glass panels representing Pantone paint colours....

... how cool is that! Imagine the light streaming through that door and into your home.


Not only have they paid attention to doors where you'd usually find them, but they've put them on the ceiling as well. These guys really think outside the box!

And, finally, my favourite. A door with a size that suits everyone. All the doors work, and the whole effect is so playful and just plain fun - don't you think? I bet the two small children who live there love it.

You can see the rest of this happy, unusual, and quirky home over on Design Sponge.

Oh, and did I mention the house resides in Italy amongst beautiful fields and a lush landscape!

On a different note, I hope you all find something lovely to keep you occupied this weekend! I'll be doing a bit of Spring cleaning over here. The weather's warmed up over the last week or so, the Spring bulbs are out, and my Golden Wattle tree in the backyard is covered in wonderful blossom! I'll also be catching up with friends and doing a spot of singing on Sunday night!

Linda. xox

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