Tuesday, July 5

Etsy Dreaming ~ A Cute Tapir From Olula



How cute is this!!

I would never have picked myself as a lover of tapirs, but it looks like I am!  This stuffed one is so bright and gorgeous!

And they come in different colours. :)

I think I want a yellow, a red, and a blue one..... oh heck, the grey one is divine too.

They're from Olula on Etsy. Owner Cristina is based in Spain, and loves to make things out of felt and cotton.

She describes these lovable softies as follows:

What do you know about this amazing animal? It looks like a mixture of a rhinoceros and a horse because it belongs to both families. They live in the rain forests and are pretty primitives. But they are very sympathetic, aren´t they? This cute Tapir is hand sewed and made of stuffed high quality colored felt.

I love it when I find something new that spontaneously tickles my fancy. Unexpected surprises are the best ones!

You can visit Cristina's gorgeous Olula Etsy shop here.

Linda. xox



  1. Ohh, they're so cue and cuddly!! maybe I should get one for Sabinom so I could wash his teddy bear more often. I can sew pretty well, but I can't make stuffed animals. I have tried many times, with dolls too, but it's really hard!! I think the red Tapir could become great friends with Frederick.

  2. OMG I LOVE THEM! My dogs would bark and bark at them and think it was long their long lost brother. lol


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