Monday, July 4

Monday Mojo - Shrink Your Steepest Hill by Jenn Louden

I've been a follower of Jennifer Louden for quite some time. Firstly when she was 'The Comfort Queen', and now over at Her blog's been on my side bar for yonks, and I regularly check in.

I came across this video by Jenn the other day on She's Next.

Why don't you try it?!

I hope this week you get to 'shrink your steepest hill' just a little.

Happy Monday.

May the 'mojo' be with you!

Linda. xox



  1. Hi Linda I first found Jennifer Louden some years back when I borrowed her 'Women's Comfort Book' from my local library. Since then I bought my own copy and have given several copies away. Every woman should have a copy I think. It was great to read your blog post and see that at least one other Aussie knows who she is. I'm off to check out the video. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Hi Lady Chiara, so lovely to *meet* you! Thanks for popping by my blog.... how lucky your local library had a copy of The Women's Comfort book to get you started on Jenn Louden! What a great idea to give copies away also.

    I'm off to visit your blog!

    Linda. xox


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Linda. xx

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