Monday, June 6

Monday Mojo - Are You Or Aren't You?...

One of the posts on my favourite forum the other day included a link to this clip on You Tube, and a very interesting discussion about the rules for hugging!

So... are you a hugger, or not?

Either way, I think this clip is just adorable. I could imagine old people and those who don't get hugged very often and miss out on human contact just loving the chance to get a hug.

Happy Monday everyone. Virtual hugs to you all. :)

Linda. xox



  1. it's amazing that it's been banned for a while. Governors have really nothing better to do? I have a couple of ideas to keep them all busy.
    This video is adorable. There is a girl in Milan that does the same thing!
    Virtual hugs to you too Linda!

  2. What a heartwarming video!! I certainly would have given this guy a hug...he looks to be a great hugger :) I can't stand when people give you the light pat on the back instead of a true bear hug.

    And a *hug* right back to you Linda!



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