Wednesday, June 1

A Guest Post About Decorative Finishes

I've been flat out over the last few weeks as this is one of the busiest times of the year at work. So, when the folks from Arcadian Lighting contacted me about a guest post, I cheerfully agreed as it meant I got to 'take a post off'!

Here's their guest post about decorative finishes...

Anyone can buy a light fixture or accent chair from a chain market and call it decorating. But if you truly want to make these pieces your own, consider designing with decorative finishes.

Once relegated to the stippling or faux-finishing of drab, beige walls, more people are now customizing their pieces by using decorative finishing techniques on their table lamps, furniture, and even floors.

Take a look at some of these images for your own design inspiration. After that, break out your can of paints, glazes, sponges and dry brushes, and get to finishing!


Here is a chair that has been scavenged from Craigslist.  It was reupholstered in a velvet pea-green fabric and the frame was refinished with black lacquer.  Lacquering wooden furniture is easy; just sand the previous finish off, coat with primer and then paint it with a couple of coats of high-quality lacquer paint.


Boring old kitchen cabinets have been sanded and refinished with glossy black lacquer paint and a pretty gold trim.  Goodbye boring, hello chic!


Shown here is a wall that has been color-washed.  The wash of color is warm and rustic and will create the appearance of worn paint.  This finishing technique is very easy.  After preparing your walls for paint, mix together ¼ cup of water, colorant, and 2 cups of glaze.  Apply this mixture with a large sponge and finish it with a dry bush.


If you are able to, consider painting or finishing your floors.  The floor of this entryway has been finished in three different stains to create a gorgeous chevron-like pattern.


A junky, $5 table lamp found on Craigslist gets a makeover with several coats of matte paint. The base used to be coral red and the shade was dingy beige. This shabby chic lamp just went from drab to fab!

So, if you think you’ve found the perfect $10 chair or lamp but it’s too old and worn out, use a decorative finish to make it like new again. If you live in your own home, accent boring beige walls, ceilings or floors with a decorative finish.

(Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!)

Thanks for the guest post A.L!

Linda. xox



  1. Looks great, Linda! Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to guest post on your wonderful blog!

  2. Love everything that's in this post especially the green chair!

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  3. The green chair and the black kitchen...I want those in my house!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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