Tuesday, June 7

It's Not Wallpaper, But....

.... it still looks gorgeous!

After a few recent posts about wallpaper on the ceiling, I figure I'll return to paint..... but in gorgeous, deep, bold colour!

How about these two ceilings...

I think ceilings are one of the most unclaimed and under-utilised areas in design.

We shouldn't neglect the effect they can have on a whole room just because they're above our heads!

Linda. xox

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  1. Yummy colours Linda, I like the way they are less obvious then a feature wall and that the colours have been drawn down into the art and flowers.
    Does a feature wall that is a solid colour make a room smaller ? Is there a rule to follow to prevent it in a small space ?

  2. the floor is wonderful. I'm planning to paint stripes (of course!!) on two of my bedroom walls, because I would like so much to have wallpaper, but eight cats and wallpaper don't get along.
    And my stripes will be in very bold color. I know in a bedroom you're supposed to have something more neutral and relaxing, but neutral is boring to me, especially when your furniture is not top quality. You need something to distract and get all the attention.
    Have a nice week end!!
    (i'm not going to any lake this sunday...)

  3. I like the way they are less 'in your face' than a feature wall too Lee! Theoretically a feature wall in a darker colour will make a room smaller. Any contrast in a very small room makes it smaller. That's why clutter does.

    Anything that creates too much contrast will make the space seem squeezy. Some would say that any feature wall in a smaller room, no matter what colour, will close it in.

    Generally, darker colours close a room in (they absorb light) and lighter colours will make it seem bigger (they reflect light and bounce it around a bit).

    My general rule of thumb is darker colours in a bigger room (if you want to try darker colours that is).... warmer dark colours for an already cold feeling room, and cooler dar4k colours for one that needs the heat taken out of it! And, of course, lighter wall colours in a smaller room, and the same warm/cool rule.

    However... I'm a big believer in breaking rules too. Lol. I've used a dark colour on a feature wall behind the bedhead in a smallish bedroom, and I loved it!

    Generally though, in a smaller room, I'd go for subtle wallpaper on a feature wall... or... on the ceiling! Hehehe. I'm dying to try that one out.

    Stenciling or stripes would look good too. Broader stripes in the horizontal would make a wall seem bigger I think!

    Paint is the cheapest decorating 'bang for your buck' in my opinion. You can always paint over one wall if the feature doesn't turn out so great!

    Bobbi, I LOVE that floor too. And, I'm still tossing up between bright yellow or large white and beige stripes as a feature wall in my lounge. I'm sure your bedroom walls will look absolutely fab!

    Hope you have a nice weekend too... lake or no lake!

    Linda. xox

  4. Oh how lovely ... though I have to say I'm particularly drawn to that gorgeous yellow most of all ... it's my current favourite colour! :)

    I am in desperate need of painting my house ... but I am quite taken with the idea of creating a bright white backdrop ... knowing me I'll probably change my mind again soon! :)


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Linda. xx

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