Friday, June 10

Fearless Fantasy Friday.... Luxe Retro...

It's another Friday, and over here, it's also a long weekend! Yay!

Unfortunately, the weather is pretty dreary. It'd be a gazillion times nicer if I were somewhere like Miami in the USA! That's where this bold and vibrant hotel, Lords South Beach Hotel, is to be found.

I've seen it on blogs before, but it caught my eye again a few days ago when I was visiting Design Sponge. (A great blog for inspirational photos). There's more info and pics about the hotel over there, but you can see a few fearless rooms and spaces below.

What great colour and eye-catching design!

I love the chevron patterned rug (although the crease would bug me). I have cushions in the exact same pattern and colour on my couch in the lounge room. They were made for me by This Little Home on Etsy. Here's a pic from her lovely Etsy shop.

I plan on getting some orange chevron patterned kitchen curtains in a little while. Woohoo!

Happy Fearless Fantasy Friday everyone.

Go forth and decorate!

Linda. xox



  1. I am loving patterns right now and that Chevron.. adorable! That glitter bar would be amazing but couldn't have too many drinks on it. :)

  2. Just what I needed to see Linda... Sunny yellow! Our chilly weather is getting to me!
    Thankyou for sharing.

  3. Just gorgeous ... love the colours and love all things chevron! :)
    I adore that beautiful curved wall ... wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to have in the home? :)

  4. I am getting the sudden urge to go to Miami! I have never been but all the interiors photos I see from there are always so sunny and fun. This room is definitely fearless with such bold stripes in loud yellow. These are certainly not for the shy. I am really loving all your fearless features.

  5. I'm not sure what I love more - the yellow striped walls (man I wish I could pull that off) or the chevron carpet. I am completely serious when I tell you that I've been dreaming of chevron patterns... what does that mean? This post is the perfect antidote to the chilly Canberra winter.

  6. What a bright and cheerful hotel! I absolutely loooove the color and pattern of the hallway rug...I want one of my own :)

  7. Yelloooow!!! Striiiipes!! I must love this. Two of my favorite things are all over these pictures. And there are blue armchairs too.
    I think we should really book that trip to miami, for more than one reason.
    Let's all go!
    Beach, sun, half naked guys, beautiful mansions, more half naked guys...yes, let's all go.
    Oh, sorry.

  8. Linda Great post I am loving chevron stripes so much!! The yellow is eye popping! The sun-room very cool!

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