Monday, April 11

Monday Music - Some Cheap Trick For You!

This is where it all began (personally one of my fave articles ever!!).

Music is SO important to the happiness of my home. :)

Now most Monday mornings when the working week looms I'll try to post a fave song or some music I'm listening to at the moment to provide some musical motivation.

So my little groovers......... here's today's installment!


When I was in High School all those years ago, one of my favourite songs was Cheap Trick's 'If You Want My Love'.

I was absolutely and utterly obsessed by this song for weeks. I remember, at the first real 'disco' I went to, which was run by the local Police Station (it was called a 'Blue Light Disco') for kids under 18, they played this song a couple of times.... it made the night perfect!

And, as always when thinking of our 'Musical Must Haves' section...

Ask yourself: 'Do I L.O.V.E music?'

Which leads to: 'Have I got enough of it in my home and in my life?'

Because: Good interior design caters to ALL our senses, not just our eyes.... that's why I call it 'Atmospheric Design' instead!

Linda. xox

The Original Musical Must Have:


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