Monday, April 11

It All Goes Back In The Box...

I've been watching the show 'Hoarders' a bit lately. I'm quite weirdly fascinated by the reasons people 'hoard', how their lives get away from them, and how the process of cleaning out their homes effects them so intensely.

I've also spent a lot of time thinking about consumerism, materialistic lifestyles, and what's important.

The whole question of why we buy, collect, store, covet, and surround ourselves with the stuff we do is something I'm very drawn to and intrigued by.

Whilst I have an eclectic style of decorating, and I love my displays of affection, I've always been an exceedingly organised, tidy, and generally very clean housekeeper.

I'm also known as the 'Queen of decluttering' by those who know me well. Truth be told, I'm probably a tad too ruthless!

The people I share an office with generally end up apologising if their desk is messy... I think they must think they're spoiling the office for me or something. (Which generally they're not, as long as my patch is workable for me, I'm happy!).

Anyhow.... I just found this video to be quite thought provoking and direct.

It all goes 'back in the box'.

Linda. xox



  1. Thank you, Linda! Thought provoking ....

  2. I am intrigued by people that feel the need to hang onto things. Though provoking video. What matters to me is creating memories with the people that are special. Stuff gets thrown away but people always have their memories for a long time. Charmaine

  3. I need to keep my stuff. Not all of it, but some I just need to. I am not an overbuyer (apart from books and cds) I don't have things I never use, I tend to give it away. I think about something three times (apart from books and cds!)before buying , and most of the times I end up leaving it there. But I need my childhood memories around me, like the Teddy bear that was given to me when I was born, or the rabbit my mom bought when she found she was expecting me. I have a beautiful set of dessert plates my great grand mother gave to me, and that is something I have never used, but stays right there! Sometimes I think I should get rid of something , but why, if everytime I look at a certain object I smile?
    This said, I don't understand how can people have closets and cabinets and boxes, and garages full of stuff that it's just 'stuff', nothing they need, nothing they are attached to for sentimental reasons, but just for the pleasure of having millions of things.
    ...but, well, I am cats hoarder!!

  4. Hi Linda, I've missed your posts but I needed to take a long blog break. I, too, have been watching this show and seeing a little of myself in these "hoarders." I don't think I would ever be called a hoarder because my house is far from being crammed with stuff, but I do find myself questioning the need to have so much "stuff" all around me. I have spent some time weeding and it sure feels good. At the end of the day, I think most everything in my home should reflect something about me and my family, unless it has a utiltarian purpose. This has made it easier for me to walk away from "bargains" at the thrift store, etc. that end up loading me down. Hope you are well. Best to you. Minnie

  5. I love a good declutter ... and hate it when the house is messy with 'stuff' here, there and everywhere. Having a really harsh clean out is high on my priority list over the Easter break ... it makes me feel a bit stressed to not have things where they should be.

  6. Hi Kaye!! Hope the hols are going well. :)

    Charmaine, so true about the memories being important.

    I too have lots of things that bring a smile to my face Bobbi! Each and every one of them has a story to tell or triggers a memory or wonderful feeling. I make space to show them off to their best and enjoy the vibe they create in my home.

    Minnie... I've missed you!!!! Have thought of you often and wondered what you were up to. Sometimes we need a break from things that's for sure. I had a long break from blogging over Xmas, and am only now starting to slowly get back into it, although with less posts than I was doing before. Hope all is well and you and your family are ok. Big hugs to you!

    I'm like you Tracey, if I look around and things aren't where they are supposed to be I can feel uncomfortable and it adds to my level of stress. Walking into an organised and clean home always makes me feel good.


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Linda. xx

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