Thursday, March 10

What's Holding You Back?....

From one of my most favourite quoticians (just made up that word to represent people who write lots of amazing and inspiring quotes), comes these wise words...

'The privilege of a lifetime, is being who you are'. (Joseph Campbell)

Doesn't it follow then, that you owe it to yourself to let the real you shine out whenever, and wherever possible?

To decorate your rooms as a celebration of who you are and all that you love?

To feel free within your own home, to feel grateful for the person you are, and run rampant expressing your innermost joy and heartfelt emotions as you wish?

To validate the person you are by paying homage to the privilege of being YOU?

What's holding you back?


Linda. xox



  1. Well yes, there is something holding me back. And I wonder just how many of us have this same issue.
    My Husband
    Yep.....he holds me back. His decorating taste is a bit bland and mine is earthy but colorful. So as a compromise, because as he says he lives here too, I have a muted color scheme of greens browns and natural nuetrals. I do however jazz it up with lots of texture and a bit of color here and a meadow.
    If he were not living here, my home would be wild with color.... like a tropical jungle.

  2. I love beautiful quotes and this one is just lovely!

    I have taken great joy in bringing out my inner designer at home over the past few years and am actually in the process of redecorating!

    I've gotten over my fear of experimenting and 'what if it doesn't work out right?' and really love trying out all sorts of projects and inspirations!

    And fortunately my boyfriend has similar taste and trusts me with my crazy ideas :)

  3. Inspiring post! Really love this one.

  4. Nothing is holding me back anymore. I used to be very insecure about how I look, about my weight, my particular taste in fashion, home decor and style and was always holding my temper back. I was shy of showing the real me, and trying to squeeze in with the rest of the world. Growing up I came to a point where I exploded. I couldn't be who I wasn't anymore. I realized I didn't care about what my parents, friends of family wanted from me, because there was only one person that I should have made happy-me.
    I have a strong temper, and i don't care if people think it's not feminine and that girls shouldn't be this way: this is who I am. i love bold colors and bold moves in life, and finally many people have come to appreciate it. My love for bold colors gave me a job. My love for bold moves gave me a shop. In the end letting yourself be pays back a lot.

    have a great week end, Linda!!

    xox bobbi

  5. you are going to be so good at your classes Linda !
    I am in hyper drive thinking of colours after your last few posts - i have even chosen a style now (only taken 10 years!), that i think will reflect us - balls of wool purchased for the first projects in colour.

  6. Another wonderful quote ... I'm definitely holding myself back at the moment, but I'm completely aware of that fact. I'm just making all the preparations I need to before I can unleash more of the 'real me' onto the world! (if that makes sense) :)

    I definitely believe our rooms and homes should reflect our true selves ... after all, we spend a lot of our time in them! :)

  7. Ahhhhh, the pesky husband.... yep, they can get in the way if they're interested in how their interiors look (some aren't too bothered fortunately - lol). I have a sort of solution for the sorts of husbands who want just as much say in the decoration of things, I'll get to one day soon!

    Sounds like you do a wonderful job getting some things in there that you like though Marianne!! I love the way you describe your interiors as relating to outdoor scenes like a meadow or a tropical jungle. Gorgeous! Both are lovely.

    Lucky you Jenn! Your boyfriend is a gem. I've always been pretty fortunate with partners too... they see how happy my decorating makes me a just let me go with it most of the time. Phew! Have fun re-decorating, don't you love it!!!

    Hi Barbara, and thanks so much! :)

    Bobbi, you individual you.... I LOVE how you are so strong in your convictions and your very 'you-ness'! It always shines through in everything you do, and I admire you so much for it. It's just wonderful!! And you're right... it's led to so many fab things for you, and people still love you anyway, because they love YOU, and decorating in a way that celebrates yourself means they get to be even closer to the real you. xoxox

    Lee, thanks so much for your confidence in my classes! I only hope they go as well as I 'think' they should. lol. And, how EXCITING - you're going to be decorating - wheeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so interested to hear what you will be doing, and will follow closely to see what's happening if you share about it! Have fun with it! Woohooooo!

    Tracey, I can't wait to hear about you 'unleasing' yourself on the world, that sounds amazing. You sound very aware of what you're doing and where you're going. You GO girl!

    Big hugs to all of you. :)

    Linda. xoxox

  8. Hi Linda!
    Just found your blog! That quote is brilliant, as is your post!
    I can relate so well to what Bobbi says, and its great how shes turned her life around having just finally got on with being who she is!
    I think there are several things which can stop people - one is conventiality - the need to conform, especially when all around are sheep like people who make one feel weird if one doesn't conform.The media and advertising sometimes perpetuate that.
    Another is what others here have already said -the influence of the people you live with ie. those husbands and partners who lack imagination or have different tastes!!!
    And I think a lot of people just seem to lack imagination and creativity, possible stifled by number 1, the desire to conform!!
    I say free yourself and express yourself, to hell with conventiality!
    My husband is generally past caring now (after 30 years!),so I can decorate how I like. As long as he has a comfy chair, the tv and a remote he's happy!

  9. Hi Gill!! It's so lovely to meet you!

    So true what you said about conformity and feeling like we 'should' be doing what the media and advertisers try to push onto us... our hearts (and gut instincts) get lost in the process for sometimes I think.

    Bobbi is truly a go-getter who does it her way.... I love her spirit!

    Just checked out your blog, and you live in Kent!!! Oh. My. Gosh. I swear I was born in the English countryside in a previous life... I love your trees, the look of the countryside, your general decorating style and housing style over there... I even feel like I know how the air would 'feel/smell' even though I've never been there. I've a bit of a 'thing' about Wales too, although I know that's a bit of a world unto itself!

    And, your cushions! I adore cushions, in fact I call myself a 'cushionista', so those cushions on your side bar are like chocolate for a chocoholic - absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and your husband sounds like the perfect husband to me!!

    Here's to imagination, creativity, and the boldness of being our true selves whenever possible!

    Linda. xx


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