Sunday, March 13

Mix It Up.... Take A Risk!

Leading on from my last post about letting the real you shine through in your decorating and why I think it's so important, my latest Houzz newsletter featured this ideabook.

There's some lovely images in it of rooms where conventionality (thanks Gill for bringing up that word), has at least been warped or lovingly twisted to suit the owner's personality and joys.

Some weekend eye candy!

Linda. xox



  1. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such a wonderful comment! Its so good to get real feedback and interaction from leaving a comment, it makes you feel so much more involved!
    Thanks too for the link - am in process of composing a post re:interior books and I shall return the favour as I find your blog inspiring, thought-provoking and lively!
    Kent is indeed beautiful - you made me laugh out loud with your comment! We are lucky to have recently moved into the countryside - my morning sounds early yesterday were a cock crowing, a turkey(yes, really!)gobbling, the clip clop of horses trotting by, and a woodpecker hammering!!!
    I too love Wales - have had many wonderful holidays there, all over, it is a small country but one of tremendous contrast.
    Havent yet made it over your side of the world though - one day hopefully, to soak up some sun and enjoy the vastness and beauty of your country!!!
    Have a great weekend, so lovely to meet you in blogland!!
    Gill xx

  2. first of all thanks for all those compliments from previous post. I admire you too!! You're a teacher, a performer, a designer, a blogger and who knows how many other things!! Too bad you love eighty's music, ah-ha :))!!

    I love those pictures. my favorite is the fourth. Just put Tulip chairs in the room and you'll sell it to me. Ohh, mr Eero Saarinen why were you sooo talented??
    Tulip chairs and table would look so good in every room, and especially good in my house. In September I'll turn forty and I was thinking of treating me with a piece of design. I can already see my cats napping on those chairs.

    have a great week!!

  3. Fantastic! :)

    Mixing it up and taking risks to highlight the uniqueness of one's personality is advice to apply to all facets of our lives I think ... these rooms are gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing Linda.

  4. Linda,

    I loved the pictures! This mixing of eras is definitely my style and my rule of thumb has always been to buy what I love and make it work. Thanks for the beautiful images and inspiration!!



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