Monday, February 14

Valentine's Day.... Red and Aqua!

Found this delightful image full of red and aqua composites.... and lots of mentions of the word LOVE!

So, thought I'd send you all another HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY wish!

If you know me fairly well, I reckon you'd be able to pick which image really inspires me because of what the background consists of..... (not to mention the lovely dash of red in it).

Any takers?

Linda. xox



  1. Hej Linda
    Glad Alles Hjartens Dag! to you too!
    I don't REALLY know you...but I'll have a guess
    I would say the Map scene with the love written across you love to travel? or
    The floral fabric with LOVE and the red crochet heart...I am inspired to make a cushion like that...are you?
    Let me know if I'm right or wrong please/
    This is fun
    Happy February days filled with all you LOVE

  2. swedish house stole my words. since there are no trees or owls I'll go with the map too!!
    Happy Valentine's!!

  3. LInda, Love the color scheme.. Happy V day :)

  4. arent they beautiful complentary colours! I lov the fluffy skirt at the bottom :) I hear you on the sugar addiction, I find when I am a bit low or busy I tend towards sugar, which is probably the worst time to have it! We do try and use rapadura or at least minimise sugar ingredients when we cook but still it sneaks in there doesnt it!

  5. Those photos are gorgeous, Bobbi!

    And I'm going to go with the majority and guess the map as well...though I am giving that cupcake a second glance :)

  6. Hey guys... you mightn't 'know' me, but you do know me!!!!!!

    Definitely the map and red ribbon first (as Bobbi pointed out, if there had been trees or owls things would prob be different...), and then the floral fabric with the red crocheted heart!!

    Hehehe... thanks for playing along. :)

    Linda. xox

  7. A gorgeous colour scheme! :)
    I love the aqua ... it works almost unbelievably well against the red.

    Wonderful! :)

  8. what a great combination! never would have thought of it (i'm so bad with colour combos..)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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