Tuesday, February 15

What A Way To Fill A Display Jar!

I LOVE this idea!

When I was little, my favourite thing of all was to eat my mum's 'little cakes'. (That's what we've always called them... not 'fairy cakes' or 'cup cakes').

In fact, every Saturday when I go around to visit my mum she STILL (even though she's nearly 81 she can still cook up a storm!) always has a batch of 'little cakes' with yummy icing on them for me to devour with a cup of tea while we sit and chat, or watch the tele.

So this display of colourful 'patty pans' as we call them, is really delightful to me!

Lots of colour, and a wonderful reminder of one of the great memories of my youth AND my time spent with mum now!

I'd never have thought of filling a jar with pretty patty pans and displaying it like this.


And, so simple.

Even though I don't cook much myself, it's on my list of things to try one day. My kitchen would love it!

Linda. xox



  1. It's lovely. It reminds me a little of a jar I have, not as fancy, where I put all the buttons I save from old shirts and sweaters. I had it for ages and I love to take out a handful of buttons just to have a look at them, at the colors, the shapes, and to figure out what to do with them. I never did anything. I just love to see this jar filled up. It reminds me of my childhood: both my nanny and my grandmother had a tin box where they kept all kinds of buttons from the oldest shirts. Some of them are so old that can be considered precious!

  2. Linda - I LOVE display jars! This one is most beautiful and it never crossed my mind to do anything like this in my kitchen! Though I think I'd need to become more of a baker to justify the jar :)

    Bobbi - you just gave me a perfect idea for what to do with all the extra buttons I have...especially since nothing makes me happier than jars of found objects :)

    Sibella Court does it the best though...

  3. HEJ Linda

    That is a mother of a display jar...lol!
    Stunningly beautiful
    Beautiful picture.
    My jar must be the daughter lol!
    I love baking and soo I do display my baking cases in a jar also...right on show on my open shelves lol!
    You might have missed my post
    here is the link

    Have a great week ahead

  4. P.S

    You have got me thinking I wonder if there is a flickr group for 'display storage jars...'
    may have to investigate ;-)

  5. That's such a lovely idea Linda ... and I love how some things are associated with certain warm memories.

    We called them 'patty cakes' in our house ... I love how you call them 'little cakes' ... that's so sweet! :)

  6. Hej Linda

    Just to let you know I am doing a giveaway on my blog of POLKA DOT serviette and 'little cake' cases...actually they are big cup cake cases.LOL!
    I soo LOVE this image you found...I am drawn to it!


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