Wednesday, January 19

A Light, Bright, Beautiful Hallway...

This hallway belonging to a traditionally styled home in New York called 'Surf Road House' is gorgeous isn't it?!

Surf Road House 15 traditional hall

The lighting, the mirror (I'm definitely getting one of those one day!), the accessories, the striped rugs, the floor.... I'll have it all thanks!

Linda. xox


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  1. Welcome back Linda! I have missed your blog :)

  2. Um ... wow, everything looks so beautiful!
    I'll take one of everything too! ;)

    I'll echo Erika's sentiments and say welcome back to blog land, it's always lovely to visit you here ... I can't wait to see what you share with us this year.

  3. Very classy and elegant. I always wonder how can people keep up these places.

    yes, welcome back again Linda!!

  4. So pretty! I have been hearing on the news about all the flooding there. Awful - hope you are staying safe!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Yes Meghan, the floods have been horrifying and terrible beyond anything I could imagine. I feel heartbroken for the people who have lived through it.

    I live in Victoria, and our state is now suffering from mass flooding too, although unlike Queensland we have only lost one person so far - a young child.

    Fortunately the large regional city where I live seems to mostly miss all this sort of nasty weather, and we have been high and dry from the floods, although have had some very wet days where we've received almost a month's worth of rain in one hit.

    Mother Nature is certainly unpredictable and can be cruel at times.

    Linda. xox

  6. What a beautiful hall way! I find hallway difficult to decorate, but it's one of the most important part of your house as it gives the first impression. I love how the white color brightens up this hall way.


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Linda. xx

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