Thursday, January 20

Pretty Pink - Not Just For The Inside Of Your Home!

I LOVE pink!

And, who said it's a colour only to be used inside your home.....

Such a happy vibe to give any home!

Who cares what the neighbours think. ;)

Linda. xox

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  1. Love that pink! makes me think I should paint my house pink. :) Not sure if the husband would let me. lol

  2. How wonderful ... it is definitely a happy inspiring colour. I just love the way the blooms look against that wonderful shade.

    My own cream coloured house just does not compare! ;)

  3. Hi there Linda!
    I've missed you!
    I am totally in agreement with you! These houses are great!!

  4. And friends won't have trouble finding your house when you invite them over for dinner.

  5. I love pink, it's a wonderful color. if well used is not only a girlie color, but warm, fun, and cheery. There are a few pink houses around where I live but not this bold bright pink, they are darker. I could color my shop pink!!

    i'm happy to hear you are fine. When i heard of the flooding i thought about you. when we had the flooding here in November it was really terrible.
    Hopefully mother nature will calm down...


  6. I never thought that pink would be a pretty color for houses, but these photos changed my mind. These are attractive!


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Linda. xx

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