Saturday, December 4

The Rug And The Culprit - Caught In The Act...

When I did part 6 of the 'quote journey' around my home, quite a few people mentioned their fondness for the rugs seen in the hallway, and some even wanted a close up!

I also mentioned how my cat Jessie likes to claw on them, and how it doesn't really matter (thank goodness), because due to their 'tufted' nature, the clawing really doesn't make them look all that different!

For the purposes of the promised close-up however, here's the afore-mentioned 'culprit' in action!

The colours aren't quite right, but you get the idea!!

Linda. xox



  1. Jessie!! I can see why she loves that rug, and yes, it's a perfect rug for a cat owner! They should make more items with that fabric...what about a sofa??
    And it's true, jessie looks like Milo.
    I would like to have a rug like that in my house, but because of my dust allergy I keep only the bathroom rugs...all the other have been banned. Isn't that ironic? I live with nine cats and I'm not allergic to them, but I have to dust and vacuum everyday because of dust allergy. It was like this even when I had only one cat. The other funny thing is that when people come into my house they ask me how do I manage to keep such a clean house with all this cats, and I always answer that it's because of dust allergy. I have to vacuum or I die. My allergy makes me the perfect candidate as a cat owner.
    Anyway, I bet you smile everytime you take a look at those rugs, because they are so fun!! I like to have fun things around the house, and hate it when I see places that are all about style and elegance. It's okay, but you have to have a fun touch here and there, it's a home, not a museum!!
    have a nice week end Linda!!


  2. The culprit looks like he's having fun! How great that you found such a pretty and colorful rug that looks stylish but also doesn't have you worrying about it getting ruined. I'm the same way with my kids. I don't worry too much about what they're "ruining." I just try to bring in items that can withstand a little, ok a lot, of wear but also make me feel happy because they're pretty.

  3. Geez Bobbi, that makes life a bit difficult, having to vac every day would be a killer! I vac around twice a week as my carpet seems to show every darn speck of anything that gets on it... but every day would be tiring.

    Although, the good thing about only living somewhere small is I can get the vac around the whole unit in nearly 10 mins, so it's not so bad!

    I'm glad you're not allergic to cats and only dust (annoying as that would be). How sad if you couldn't have your cats! You'd have to see if you could get some of those desensitizing shots if that was the case.

    And, you agree with me about Jessie looking like Milo! :)

    I do smile when I look at the rugs, although as I said in my quote post, my mum thought I was a bit nuts buying them - but I liked them!!!

    And Minnie, that's exactly what I think..... something that can withstand a fair bit of wear and tear but still look pretty is a real gem of a find indeed!

    Linda. xox

  4. I love your rug - it looks not only colourful, but comfortable (and important combination for sure).

    What a cheeky kitty!! They do get such enjoyment from indulging in a bit of claw action (my dog likes to scratch his bed up in similar fashion).



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