Wednesday, December 1

Lovely Links From November 2011... Add Yours and Look At Others!

Hi everyone, it's the end of another month!

Which of your posts this month did you enjoy writing the most?

Or, which one had your favourite pictures or story in it?

Link up below and share a pic and link so we can visit with you!

I've linked up a few of my favourite posts! The first one is my visit to the wonderful Craigs Royal Hotel in Ballarat (where I live) for a special 'High Tea' birthday celebration with friends. The second is one of my favourite pics of the last few months, and the third is part 6 of the quote journey around my home, which included a short but very insightful quote from Buddha.

Now, show us yours!!! Nudge nudge, wink wink!

Linda. xxx

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  1. One of my favorite post this month was the one about the abandoned house in france. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to buy an abandoned house (in my dream it was buy the lake or the sea) and restore it little by little with my own hands. It is not very different with what I am doing with my little cottage, wich was not abandoned and wich I only rented, but it was in a bad shape (and mood, because houses have their feelings). Now it's a little better, but with very limited money there wasn't much that I could do and there is so much more that I will do for sure. Little by little, like in my dreams. Do you know when they say " be careful what you dream of? " Exactly.
    Thanks for the space as always Linda, and let's have a fabulous december.

  2. I joined the linky party (and became a follower). I think this topic is a great idea!

    Over from BYW, Laura

  3. Hi, hope it's okay that I linked up. It's my first visit here and your blog is just lovely! Off to explore! x

  4. It was lovely to look back over the past month and find some posts I loved. I couldn't decide on just one - so I've linked to my two favorites :-)

  5. Thanks for the opportunity, Linda ... some great links here! :)

  6. Great idea for the linky party! Thanks for the oppertunity to share!

  7. I feel like I barely wrote this past month, with family visiting from overseas, major house renovations and moving blogging platforms, no wonder!
    I'm also another BYW student, and am very impressed by the initial look and feel of your blog.

  8. I, too, had an unexpectedly slow month. Wow, really slow, I'm realizing now that I'm looking at what I posted for November. I'm choosing my Jonathan Adler post since it makes me so happy to look at those stylish and colorful rooms.

  9. Wow everyone!!!! Thanks so much for the kind comments and your amazing links! I've been flat out all weekend and not been near my computer since Friday night except to post the pic of Jessie and the rug..... planning to get around all of your lovely links and comments tonight hopefully!!

    Thanks again.

    Linda. xox :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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